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We currently have BI 4.1 SP01 Patch 6 and are considering upgrading, but to what version, support package and patch?  I know that there are lots of "What's New" resources like this one for 4.1 SP04.  But how do I know what fixes from previous patches are being carried forward?  There used to be something called the Forward Fit spreadsheet that would lay this out.  However, I was unable to find it.  I did find this very helpful blog post by patrick.perrier2 though...

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite 4.1 SP04 (SP4) Released

And within that I found a link to the Forward Fit spreadsheet I sought, but it came with a bit of a surprise.

So I have to look at SAP notes to know what releases it is forward fit to?  In my view BI upgrades are a roll of the dice anyway in that while some things are fixed you never know what is going to get broken.  Not maintaining the Forward Fit spreadsheet going forward makes things even more difficult.

Here is what I would like to see.  I would like SAP to provide an interactive web page that allows me to enter the version, support package and patch I am on as well as what version, support package and patch I am to which considering upgrading.  The web page would then show me the new features and fixes I would gain and also what features and fixes I would forfeit.  I know this would take considerable effort, but I know that we would find it very helpful.

Anyone else?


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