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Many a times it happen that a process in chain has gone into a RED state due to some reason. This has halted the process chain.

We take some action to correct the erroneous step in the system. But now the chain is still halted as the process is reflecting RED status.

Following are the steps given below to make a process GREEN forcefully so that the chain continues further.

1) Go to process chain with errors (RSPC - LOG view).

2) Get Log ID & Chains Technical Name.

3) Go to erroneous process -> Display messages & get the job Count, Event, Parameter, Variant details.

4) Go to SE11 -> Table RSPCPROCESSLOG -> Display Data

5) Enter the above details & get the data record.


7)  Give the input parameters as the details extracted from above table RSPCPROCESSLOG.

😎 Mark the state as ‘G’ (green) & execute.

This will make the process status green & the chain will continue further.


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