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In SAP Portal, we may across scenario where we need to read the host name from system alias. In my case, I need to setup SSO for EPM add-in. I followed the steps given in SAP note: 2148259.In EPM add-in war file, we need to maintain host name in web app. As we have EPM add-in implemented in two SAP backend systems, we could not maintained hostname in web app.

To overcome this challenge, I followed below steps:
1. As EPM add-in is called using an URL, created an URL iview and passed system alias as a URL parameter.

2. In the EPM add-in war file, to read the system alias from URL and then read hostname using it, wrote below code in in "updateParamters" method.
      String hostName =null;
String sysAlias = request.getParameter("system");
ISystemLandscape portalLandscape = UMFactory.getSystemLandscapeFactory().getLandscape(ISystemLandscape.TYPE_ENTERPRISE_PORTAL);
if(portalLandscape == null) {
throw new Exception("It seems like no Enterprise Portal is installed.");
ISystemLandscapeObject systemObject;
try {
systemObject = portalLandscape.getSystemByAlias(""+ sysAlias +"");
hostName= systemObject.getAttribute("wap.WAS.hostname").toString().split(":")[0];

As discussed above, using SAP Portal APIs, you can get hostname from system alias using below 3 steps:

1.   ISystemLandscape portalLandscape =              UMFactory.getSystemLandscapeFactory().getLandscape(ISystemLandscape.TYPE_ENTERPRISE_PORTAL)

2. ISystemLandscapeObject systemObject = portalLandscape.getSystemByAlias("system alias name in string format")

3. String hostName= systemObject.getAttribute("wap.WAS.hostname").toString().split(":")[0]

You can use this solution as per your requirement. Make sure system alias you are passing is correctly configured in System Administration--> System Landscape in SAP Enterprise Portal system.


Siddhesh Shewale
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