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This was a recent SAP webcast this other week with SAP's smuz

SAP says "We’ve been hard at work adding a number of features for speeding up your story performance.


During this webinar, we will:

  • Review recent performance enhancements for SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Learn what specific changes you can make to your stories to improve performance

  • Interact directly with product managers to ask questions" abstract, source: SAP


Figure 1 Source: SAP


BI specific, what you as a story designer you can do.

Performance related topics

Recent performance enhancements

Actions you can take


Figure 2 Source: SAP

Shown in the demo



Figure 3 Source: SAP

Significant performance improvement, improve scrolling, allows you to specify height



Figure 4 Source: SAP


It is off by default; ask your tenant administrator



Figure 5 Source: SAP

Allows story designer to create story faster, pause loading of visualization until ready to submit



Figure 6 Source: SAP

Hide unnecessary dimensions and measures

Helps when loading story

Simple action on model side to help performance



Figure 7 Source: SAP

On tenant side

Allows for faster consumption



Figure 8 Source: SAP

It is on by default for newly created time filter

Will preserve drill state

Will see popup on older stories



Figure 9 Source: SAP

Make performance improvements on the back end they do not talk about



Figure 10 Source: SAP

Calculated in front end

Improved overall time it takes with top N

No action required from story designer/modeler


Figure 11 Source: SAP

Stories that do have a larger number of visualizations - introduced logic for  load that are in immediate view port of user


Figure 12 Source: SAP

Allows for faster performance



Figure 13 Source: SAP

Prioritize visible elements - loading data visualization

Suggest keep page filters collapsed, to improve overall performance of tool




Figure 14 Source: SAP

Open-end - e.g. 2008 to end of data

No action for you to take


Figure 15 Source: SAP

Visualizations that have similar data structure, those queries batched together and sent together

Improves performance of page as data returns together.



Figure 16 Source: SAP

Scenarios to improve overall performance


Figure 17 Source: SAP

Allow geo maps to come back faster



Figure 18 Source: SAP

Ongoing commitment


Submit ideas at (login required)


Slides are here.

Replay is here 

Join the SAP Community Call July 15 with SAP's Gerrit Kazmaier - register here.  Abstract says Get the latest news from the SAP HANA & Analytics team, including updates on SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Data Intelligence. Hear about how these products fit together with the data value chain and what this all has to do with the term “superpower." Source: SAP

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