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Hello All,

Its been some time that I have been working in HANA and related areas like SLT, Lumira, Fiori and so on.

So thought of sharing some topics here, which would be handy.

Disclaimer :

1) This series is exclusively for Beginners in HANA and all those HANA experts here, please excuse me

2) These are some Solutions/Observations that we have found handy in our projects and am quite sure there would be multiple ways to derive the same result.

3) These series of documents are collaborative in nature. So please feel free to edit the documents,wherever required!

4) All the points mentioned here is observed on HANA systems whose revision is >= 82.

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22) Related to HANA

Use Case: We have a table A in HANA under Schema A. We were asked to create the similar table structure in a different schema B.

Solution: HANA Generated SQL can be one of the solution.

Go to the Table that you want to recreate under another schema:

Schema A Table --> Right Click --> Open Definition

In next screen you will find the entire table definition.

Right Click on the space and copy the Export SQL content and paste it in SQL console under Schema B.

23) Related to HANA

Use Case: We were asked to provide the total count of records in a table.

Solution: 2 Different steps that can be used are:

24) Related to HANA

Use Case:  We are logged into an HANA instance in studio as user A and in between we had to log into the same instance using a different user:


25)  Related to HANA/SDA

Use Case:  We have a Table A and a view is created on top of that table A in a HANA Instance (Say HAS)

Now we want to  create the same view on another HANA Instance (HAT), but the corresponding table A is not available.

Solution: SDA(Smart data access) was the solution that we implemented

Go to the Target HANA Instance(HAT) and create a SDA connection on the Source HANA instance(HAS)

Once the connection is successfully established, all the tables in Source Instance(HAS) would be seen in the Target HANA instance(HAT)

Identify the required table A --> Right Click --> 'Add as Virtual table' and save the same under the required Schema

Now since the Target HANA instance(HAT) contains the required table A, we would be able to create the view on top of that.

26) Related to HANA/SDA

Use Case: After doing the steps mentioned in Step23, we created the  HANA view in the SDA target system,  activated it and tried to Preview the data.

But unfortunately it went into the following Authorization related error.

PS: Here STM is source HANA instance for SDA and error clearly mentions that system is facing issues while opening the remote database.

Solution: The table 'VOICEOFCUSTOMER' is available under Schema 'S1' in the source HANA instance 'STM'.

We added the Schema S1 under Object Privilages of user SDA_Connect

That resolved our authorization issue and we were able to preview the output of the view in the SDA target (HAT)

27) Related to HANA/SQL

Use Case: We were asked if there is a method to show the totals as a Seperate Row under the Data set.

This was for a configuration step in a connected GRC system. Ideal Customer use case needs to be checked upon...

Solution: ROLLUP command in HANA can be leveraged here:

After adding the ROLLUP command:

28) Related to HANA Live:

Use Case: For meeting a customer requirement, we had to join 2 HANA Live Views.

Observation: In case if the already existing HANA Live Views have Prompts, that might not be appearing when you drag the same to a Projection or Aggregation node. In that case, you can add the same prompts manually and map the HANA Live prompts with the one that you have created using the following option.

29) Related to HANA:

Use Case: We had a requirement to show the current date as the default value in HANA Input Parameter.

Solution : We can use a Expression like the following:

NOTE: 20150525 format seems to be working only with BO Analysis office tool.

30) Related to HANA

Use Case: There was a table already created in HANA having a specific column with datatype NVARCHAR(10). The same table was consumed in a Attribute and further in a Calculation view. We were given a fresh excel sheet for uploading to the table but the values contained in the new excel sheet for that column had many entries whose length is around 25.

Solution: Truncate table "<Schema_Name>"."<Table_Name>".

Alter Table "<Schema_Name>"."<Table_Name>" Alter ("<Field_Name>" NVARCHAR(30)).

31) Related to HANA

Use Case : We had some Information views in System-Local --> bw2hana package.

Unfortunatley whenever we try to do a data preview of the view,it goes into the following error:


We had checked for all types of authorization related points. especially the ones mentioned in the following note:

SAP Note:   1761917 - Executing or activating an Analytic Object fails with "user is not authorized" or "invalidated view"

Finally, relaized that most of the views there were having Apply Privileges option as 'SQL Analytic Privileges'.

We changed the privilege to Blank and the preview view option started working...

32) Related to HANA:

Use Case: Over a course of time, we had found a mistake and had to change the Primary key of a table.




After SQL:

33) Related to Lumira:

Use Case: We were getting issues in Lumira (like the screenshot below).


Whenever you publish a Lumira dataset to HANA Server(In my case, Lumira and Hana are on same box), the dataset gets

collected under the following path in the form of a HANA calculation view--> HANA System --> Contents --> sap(Package) --> bi --> content

You can search the rest of the actual path from the above screen

In my case: 3002393 --> 6b40aaed-ad10-4180-8200-bcfc5365709b --> HANA calculation view

Now click on the view and redeploy

Now the Lumira report will be shown.

Hope this document would be handy!

Will keep adding more tips here....



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