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Hi Friends,

   Some time you may got a situation that some user, who is in very important role got huge workitems in their inbox. But at the time of sending notification, they don't want to get notification in their mailbox. How you can handle this. This document show tip to handle this situation.

  1. Create a Z class from superclass CL_SWN_USER_STD .

2. Redefine the code of the method IF_SWN_USER~GET_COMM_ADDR. Add your own logic to not send mail to specific userid.

In this example logic implemented like User BCUSER will not get mail notification by not populating email id or mobile no.

3.  Then activate the your Z class and assign it to Category  in SWNCONFIG.

4. Its done, now you can see, that even if user BCUSER have workitems in their workplace, but it will not send to their personal mailbox.

In this example the result of SWN_SELSEN report shows though 3 notification selected for BCUSER, but 0 message sent.

You can check the error messages in SLG1 .

Situation handled. :smile:

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