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Following on from our first video on Enterprise Architecture in our UKISUG 2013 series with dj.adamsmatthew.riches we got timo.elliott next in a very interesting chat around the Analytics space and what currently is going on and what will come in the years ahead. Timo has already posted the video to SCN earlier in the month here but wanted to add my own blog for the interview with a breakdown of the chat and additional details.

Many of you will probably know Timo in one way or other but he is, for those who don’t, probably one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable Analytics acolytes I’ve ever met and I’ve met my fair share. mico.yuk is not far off and I believe having them both in the same room would be an excellent cocktail, will look to capture that at some point. :smile:

Enough of my ramblings though, please find the interview with Timo below,

I’ve attempted to break up the video in a rough timeline with the words in […] being additional topics we touch on outside of the original question,

  • 0:25 So, first of all introduce yourself to our viewers, who is Timo Elliott? [meaning of evangelist]
  • 01:30 What brings you to this year’s UKISUG 2013 event?
  • 01:50 Looking into the crystal ball, in 5 years’ time what type of Analytics environments are we looking at? [big data, user experiences]
  • 03:20 What software & tools from SAP are we seeing that can mine and process big data to create insight? [5 levels of analytics maturity, predictive analytics, HANA, front-end UIs]
  • 04:55 What products are we seeing on the front-end of HANA to shape the experience of working with Analytics? [Lumira, Datageek competition, SCN]
  • 07:00 If we look at a typical CIO with an ECC 6.0 environment, what steps and activities would you recommend for him/her to do to gain access to these new Analytics functionalities and capabilities? [culture, business creativity, data, recommendations, breaking it down, HIPPO challenge]
  • 11:20 Looking at Big Data in the context of the size of an organisation, if it’s a small to medium sized enterprise, where does Big Data play a role in that? [definition of Big Data, innovation in smaller businesses]
  • 13:00 Let me ask the way in which you’d approach Big Data in SMEs since we got solutions like Business ByDesign and Business One, is there a similar smaller sized solution for SMEs they can use to start gaining value from Big Data? [customer stories, HANA, Hadoop, Amazon cloud, HANA One, design thinking, business and technical teams, Agile, bicycle analogy]
  • 17:50 Towards the end here, look at 2014, what is the main messages that SAP will be pushing out in the Analytics space? [more data, new concept network of truth, fundamental change in the way data is created, stored and read]

It was a pleasure meeting you Timo and I look forward to do a follow-up. I can understand you’ll be speaking at the SAP Innovation Forum in Feb next year, might catch you there. You can find Timo’s personal blog here and his Twitter handle is @timoelliott for your daily dose of Analytics ravings!

The full video series if you missed out on our other interviews:

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