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We have only 4 more weeks to go till SAP TechEd Las Vegas kicks off!!  For attendees who are SAP TechEd rookies, check out Thomas Scaysbrook guide for SAP TechEd first timers.  For all you veterans, there is still a lot to be excited about, not the least of which are the SAP TechEd Superstar Speakers.  This week we are featuring thomas.jung2, SAP Mentor and Director for SAP HANA Product Management specializing in SAP HANA developer tools.  Thomas has spent the past 17 years in the SAP world; the first 10 from the customer side and the last 7 as part of the SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA Product Management teams.  He has also co-authored Advanced BSP Programming and Next Generation ABAP Development (1st and 2nd edition)

As director for SAP HANA Product Management, Thomas sees SAP HANA continuing to grow through new and non-traditional applications never-before-possible and become a common database underneath the SAP Business Suite.  When Thomas's not busy with custom development and platform tools on SAP HANA and SAP HANA Application Services, Thomas is an avid photographer who also enjoys reading and enjoys playing his favorite video game Bioshock Infinite.

"SAP TechEd speakers are available online, we answer questions in the forum, and share our knowledge in many different ways but there's something about meeting in person and exchanging ideas because it isn't just about asking a question and getting an answer.  I don't think customers realize that when they ask questions (at SAP TechEd) they are influencing the product.  We take the kind of things that they're struggling with, the things they don't understand, right back (to the development process).  They help improve the product by coming and speaking to us face-to-face.

Register to SAP TechEd Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Bangalore to attend Thomas Jung's hands- on sessions, Introduction to SQL Script Basics and Debugging, SAP HANA Native Development – XS-Based Development, and Building User Interfaces for SAP HANA Native Applications, lectures, SAP HANA Native Applications – River-based development and SAP HANA Native Application Development, and subsequent networking session.

Now, here's another installment of the SAP TechEd venue cool facts:

Las Vegas - The famous Las Vegas strip is for the most part, not within the city limits of Las Vegas. The majority of the strip is located within Clark County.

Amsterdam - Aside from Dutch and English, Dutch people know how to speak at least 1 foreign language.

Bangalore -  Want to check out the sights? Bangalore's Lal Bag...the botanical gardens is credited to have one of the most
diverse man made collection of flora.

Check out the previous SAP TechEd 2013 Speakers of the Week:

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