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Dear All,

Can we just together list out the points which we think is very usefull for a developer but it is not available in C4C? We can also have discussion about work arounds for listed problem as well!

Below two points i think are very essential in a development environment but they are not!

1) Locking! We can not check weather object is locked or not! I am updating a BO on a navigation ( needs to fill the data based on diffrent BO) another user has already opened same screen as it was not possible to check weather object is locked or not ka boom! Exception!

2) Try and catch c'mon atleast if exception occurs let us try to catch it!

3) The exception shown if binding is not correct or something like that! A genric exception pops up and u need to check each and every binding and other UI related issue.

4) Error management! once in my system error was coming where "<<XXXXXX error in (BLANK) XXXX>" how are we suppose to find an error if the message doesnt give us the object in which error was coming ( this error was only coming when we use ACTIVATE ALL if u individually activate all items it gets activated).

I raised an Incident for the same but ultimately we needed to solve this on our own! ( yes by checking every binding and every possible screen , The issue was with the type of description field which we used in OWL search! )

Please pass along your messages work around and struggle for C4C!

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