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The scenario is very simple for the first PI-BPM communication, the user sends a greeting text to PI and PI will communicate with BPM then send back a hello greeting like “Hello {text}“.

Create ESR objects

1. Data type for request and response message

2. Message Type for request and response message

3. Service Interface for request and response message.

Communication between PI and BPM is on XI 3.0, so service interface have to be Stateless (XI-30 compatible).

We use a single service interface for both outbound and inbound is reason why the service interface is set to Abstract

Create BPM

1. Create a new Software Component TECH-DEMO

Keep default SC Dependencies, and click Finish.

2. Create a new Development Component

Right click on the Software Component to create a new Development Component

Choose Process Composer

Name it “veryfbpm”, then click Finish.

3. Switch to Process Development perspective

Eclipse will automatic switch you to the perspective

If it’s not, go to Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other > Process Development

4. Create a new process

Name it “veryfirstbpm”, then click Finish.

5. Import Service Interface

Import the service interface that we have created, Right click on Service Interface and choose Import WSDL.

After success login, then choose the service interface to import. And click Next.

Name the service group, then click Finish.

6. Create new Message Event Trigger

Right click on Event Triggers > Message to create a new one.

Name it “start”, then click Next.

Select the service we just imported, then click Finish.

7. Point to the message event trigger

Click on Start and change the Trigger to “start” what we just created.

The End Message will also be changed to “start” as Start Message.

8. Simple mapping Hello + world

Drag and drop Mapping from left Palette to the process. And name it Mapping Hello

Create a data object of DT_Greeing by drag and drop it from the project explore to the process.

Click on Start, then choose Output Mapping tab to do mapping MT_Greeting -> DO_DT_Greeting.

Click on Mapping Hello, then choose Mapping tab to do mapping text -> text.

Double click on orange line to put code live below. The output will be “Hello {text}”

Click on End, then choose Input Mapping to do mapping DO_DT_Greeting -> MT_Greeting

9. Last step

This is an important step to get the process worked.

We have chosen Stateless XI 3.0 for the service interface in ESR objects. And we also need to change the service type of the service interface (default is WS) to XI in BPM accordingly.

We changed the Sender Component to BPM, then we will create a Business Component in PI Integration Directory with the same name BPM to present for our BPM process.

Don’t forget to deploy the BPM to server. In Project Explorer, right click on the project and select Development Component > Deploy.

This is done for our first BPM, now we will create Scenario in Integration Builder to complete the whole data flow.

Create Integration Builder objects

We will have one Integration Configuration and 2 communication channels for the scenario.

There is nothing special for configured objects except the receive channel, we are using SOAP adapter with message protocol XI 3.0.

For the sender channel we can use any adapter for testing as long as it supports quality of service – BE.


We can use any sender adapter (support BE) to do testing that is most easy for each one, for this I’m using HTTP channel with POST method.

Use “Send Test Message” on NWA to test, but it just shows success or failure without response payload.

To see the response payload we have to use one of external tools to test. Here is Postman

Hope you enjoy the document.

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