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You are cordially invited to the UX Innovation Summit - an SAP Community event.

In the last couple of decades, user experience has changed tremendously as technology has evolved. Evolution based on these technological changes has helped SAP customers design processes and applications to make the life of users simple and exciting.

In this UX Innovation Summit, we would like to have active discussions, in the SAP Community, on how innovation using SAP and design thinking can help build solutions that exponentially enhance a user's experience.

Target Audience: Enterprise Architects, Technical and Functional Consultants, SAP Developers, Project Managers, and UX Designers for SAP projects

Cost: Free

Venue: Mindset Experience India, WeWork Galaxy, 43, Residency Road, Shanthala Nagar, Bengaluru - 560025

Agenda: Keynote Panel session: The importance of innovation for UX moderated by Parvathy Sankar with Leaders from SAP Partners, Customers on the panel.

Other sessions throughout the day:

Demo Track by SAP and Mindset (Sessions on; The All New Extended Situation Handling in S/4HANA; Business Process Automation; SAP BTP Mobile Services; Plant Maintenance Apps; Material Movement)

Track 1: Design Thinking (Coordinated by Jill Murray, Mindset Consulting)

Session 1: Design Thinking 101 - What, How, and Why | Description: In this session, understand the concept of design thinking. We will explain what it is, how it's done, and the business benefits.

Session 2: Beyond Design Thinking | Description: With Human Centered Design at the heart of everything we do at Mindset, come and learn more ways UX can influence business-driven outcomes with various UX activities.

Session 3: Design Thinking - Roll up your sleeves, let's do some work | Description: An interactive session to learn about the foundation of human-centered design and determine opportunities for your organization to implement these methodologies.

Track 2: SAP S/4HANA (Coordinated by Robb Neuenschwander, Mindset Consulting)

Session 1: How to Deliver a Great User Experience with SAP S/4HANA | Description: Discover best practices and recommendations to optimize your organization's user experience with S/4HANA.

Session 2: Discover Top Innovations in S/4HANA | Description: Learn how S/4HANA delivers exciting business innovations that drive value in process effectiveness and user efficiency.

Session 3: Warehouse Management 101: EWM and Stock Room Management | Description: SAP offers a variety of capabilities to manage warehouse operations. You can learn about the options available and how you might choose which your organization should use.

Track 3: SAP BTP (Coordinated by Abhilash Gampa, Mindset Consulting)

Session 1: Key features of SAP Build WorkZone Advanced Edition | Description: In this session, we will explain the capabilities of SAP Build WorkZone Advanced Edition and its usage.

Session 2: SAP Build Process Automation a working demo | Description: In this session, we will show the combined capabilities of the Business Process Automation toolset with a live demo.

Session 3: Understanding SAP Business API Hub | Description: This session will show the usage of Business API Hub and its capabilities with the integration options.

Track 4: Technology  (Coordinated by Mahesh Palavalli, SAP, and Krishna Kishor Kammaje, ConvergentIS)

Session 1: SAP BTP Strategy and Overview - Speaker: Rajeev Gollapudi, SAP

Session 2: Choosing Fiori Elements and Freestyle: What? Why and How? | Description: When embarking on a Fiori project, one crucial decision is whether to build a freestyle application or a Fiori Elements App. But how do you determine which option best fits your project? Who are the stakeholders involved in this decision-making process? - Speaker: Krishna Kishor Kammaje, ConvergentIS

Session 3: SAP BTP Reference Architectures with Hyperscalers | Description: SAP's multi-cloud strategy is not only for running workloads on hyperscalers but also for building innovative solutions leveraging services from SAP BTP and Hyperscalers. Learn how to combine and create interoperable applications with SAP BTP and Hyperscalers - Speaker: Ajit Kumar Panda, SAP.

Register For the Event Here

UX Innovation Summit - Event Schedule

Register For the Event Here
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