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You may have seen at various events recently, either in person or on social media, people experiencing the SAP Digital Boardroom through Virtual Reality. AgilityWorks recently had headsets available for people to try the experience during the SAP UKI User Group Analytics Symposium. People were certainly very intrigued!





You can explore this immersive analytics experience for yourself really easily using a VR headset and a smartphone with the VR app installed.


The VR app is free and available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and you can order a Google Cardboard headset, or any other VR headset that supports your phone.


Once the app is running and the phone is in the headset you can interact and engage with the SAP Digital Boardroom. You can move around the Digital Boardroom to consume critical business information.


OK, so it's obviously a marketing app and is not an actual representation of the SAP Digital Boardroom solution that you can buy from SAP but it does demonstrate the value of consuming analytics in an immersive, interactive and engaging way just as the real Digital Boardroom multi-touch screen setup does.


Go check it out for yourselves . . .


The VR app could also be a sign of things to come with VR becoming a more mainstream technology. Why couldn't it be the standard way to consume analytics in the future? How many people thought 10 years ago that analytics on a tablet device would become standard?

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