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Former Member am working on an ROI study for SAP's ABAP business rules management system, with Carsten Ziegler. As a preliminary step I have recently published an initial brief on how to get an ROI from NetWeaver Decision Service Management that is now available on my company site.

This short paper discusses the three ways to get a return from an investment in BRFplus to manage the business rules of your operational, day to day decisions.

  1. Increased business value
    Reduced fraud, more targeted offers, improved productivity and faster time to value are just some of the ways the use of BRFplus can increase business value.
  2. Reduced development cost
    The complex logic typical of decision-making is easier to develop and get right when you use BRFplus.
  3. Reduced maintenance cost
    Once written as business rules, decision logic is much easier to maintain in BRFplus than it would be in ABAP.

If you want to learn more about BRFplus itself, check out Carsten's book "BRFplus -- Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications". If you have questions about where to start with BRFplus, what decisions to focus on, or anything else please drop me a line - - or post a comment I can answer here on SCN as I am always happy to help. There's more information too on my company site ( and my blog (

Feel free to download the white paper and share it.

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