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Anyone came across this issue before? 

I've downgraded ASE to ASE  All fine except for XP server that can no longer function:

03/08/16 09:02:17 AM  XP Server is now running.

00:0006:00000:00696:2016/03/08 09:02:29.51 kernel  XP Server started successfully.

Sybase CSI Error Message: The provider 'sybcsi_profiler' was specified in the active configuration but it is not available for loading.

Failed to perform hash digest on seed.

00:0006:00000:00696:2016/03/08 09:02:29.52 server  Error: 7221, Severity: 14, State: 1

00:0006:00000:00696:2016/03/08 09:02:29.52 server  Login to site 'ASE_XP' failed.

Failed to perform hash digest on seed.

Could not find any reference to this anywhere.  Case opened - but in case anyone can speed up resolution it will be greatly appreciated.  Reinstalling XP server did not help.  Probably somewhere in ASE sits wrong configuration?



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