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Report Requirement:

Recently client came with the Report requirement of adding a "." between each digit of a Number value in Database Field. For example, if Database Field Value is: 12345 then client want to show in the report as:

Interestingly the length of the number can change, sometimes it will be 2 digits and sometimes it will be 6 digits etc.


Crystal Report is so much powerful that it can be done by simply creating a Variable with below logic:

Note: In the below logic DATA_PROC.SRL_NBR is a field of a Procedure. You can do the same thing for Field of a Table.

stringVar x := "";
numberVar y := Length(ToText(Trim({DATA_PROC.SRL_NBR})));
numberVar start_pos := 1;
x := Mid (ToText(Trim({DATA_PROC.SRL_NBR})), start_pos,1 );

if (y > 1) then


start_pos := start_pos + 1;

x := x + "." + Mid (ToText(Trim({DATA_PROC.SRL_NBR})), start_pos,1 );

) while (start_pos < (y-1));


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