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The human mind is incredible (in a positive and negative way). Take mine for example. I had been waiting for quite a while for the new SCN to be live that when it finally happened, I completely forgot the day (negative). So a bit late though, here I am trying to fanatically understand this whole new world that they call Jive!

So the below is my experience so far;

1. This is a real uneasy platform to transition into. But having said that maybe it is a matter of time. We all need to give it a couple of weeks and our senses hopefully will tune into this (positive). :neutral:

2. The social media aspect like following people and making connections is really exciting.The wall like feature to view ongoing activities also gives the users a good preference in browsing through interests much faster :smile:

3. The new editors in the forum and blogs etc are welcome additions. :smile:

3. I am upset that mostly all my blogs have lost its formatting. Some have even lost the screenshots embedded into them. Blogs are very critical in terms of the information that it contains and are one of the most accessed piece of information in SCN. I would have expected more care in it's migration. I would even go to the extreme to say that some blogs have become useless post migration onto the new platform :sad:

4. From the Process Integration space, I think there needs to be a consolidation or more awareness. Currently there are two space as below;

Process Integration
Process Integration

This is spreading the information across and is not providing a consolidated view. This needs to be managed better. :sad:

5. Does the search functionality work for you? I tried with both Chrome and IE. But the search doesn't really return me anything. :sad:

6. The old SCN was much more structured. The new one seems to be an information overload. I still prefer a logical separation of the forum posts, wikis, blogs etc. Now when I land up on the topic space, I see a constant stream of data and maybe it's my limited attention span that is not helping me here :sad:

7. I am being logged out frequently :sad:

8. The site seems to be relatively slow and unstable :sad:

Well, the above are my quick observations and currently the sad smiley's [ :sad: ] outnumber the happy ones [ :smile: ]. Hope that changes with time (not too much of time though). To help you around this new SCN site, I have written a blog which I hope might come handy to some of you-

So what are your views? Put in your feedback as a comment and lets hope SAP is reading this.

Update: Or better, post your observations and report bugs here -

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