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MDP’s Salesforce adapter dramatically reduces the time, effort, and complexity of inbound bulk message handling integration scenarios between SAP and non-SAP systems to Salesforce.


How it Works

The MDP Salesforce Adapter for CPI leverages Bulk API v2 to execute SOQL(Salesforce Object Query Language) queries to Salesforce from SAP/Non-SAP systems or push data from Salesforce to SAP/Non-SAP systems

They say a picture paints a thousand words so let’s dive right in and take a look at the before and after pics of your Integration Flows.

This is how your iFlow looks without the MDP Salesforce Adapter ☹


This is how your iFlow looks using the MDP Salesforce adapter ?



Looks a lot cleaner and simpler, right? Now let’s take a closer look at the processes involved for this scenario:

First off,  the standard method.


  • XML to CSV (Optional)

  • Get Session Id with SOAP API or use Oauth2 Authentication Method.

  • Create Job and put sessionId to HTTP Header.

  • Store Job ID (optional)

  • Load Data and put sessionId to HTTP Header.

  • Close Job and put sessionId to HTTP Header.


Now compare the process for the same integration scenario using MDP’s Salesforce Bulk API v2 Adapter for SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

  • XML to CSV(Optional)

  • Send Data

  • Store Job ID(Optional)


Adapter Parameters

Connection Tab

Username Password Credential should be defined in Security Material.

  • User: Salesforce User

  • Password: Salesforce User's Password

Client Id / Client Secret Credential should be defined in Security Material.

  • User: Client Id

  • Password: Client Secret


Bulk API v2 Version: We support all of the Bulk API v2 Versions.

Salesforce Environment: You can change easily your Salesforce environment.

  • Sandbox

  • Production


Processing Tab

Bulk Data

This process type for upload data to Salesforce or get Job Status/Job Result from Salesforce.

Object: The object type for the data being processed.

Operation: The processing operation for the job.

  • Insert

  • Delete

  • Update

  • Upsert (If Upsert selected, External ID field will appear)

Column Delimiter: The column delimiter used for CSV job data. The default value is COMMA.

Line Ending: The line ending used for CSV job data, marking the end of a data row. The default is LF. 

External Id: The external ID field in the object being updated. Only needed for upsert operations. Field values must also exist in CSV job data.


SOQL Processes

This process type for getting data from Salesforce with Salesforce Object Query Language.

Column Delimiter: The column delimiter used for CSV job data. The default value is COMMA.

Line Ending: The line ending used for CSV job data, marking the end of a data row. The default is LF.

SELECT: Field Names. Example: Id, Name

FROM: Object Name. Example: Account

WHERE: (Condition Expression. Example: Name

LIKE: 'A%' AND MailingState='California'

WITH: Examples : 'Geography__c ABOVE usa__c', UserId='005D0000001AamR'

  • WITH Command Type

GROUP BY: (Example: Name)

  • GROUP BY Command Type

HAVING: Filter results that aggregate functions return. Example : COUNT(Id) > 50

ORDER BY: Control the order of the query results. Example: Name

  • Order Type

  • Place Null Records

LIMIT: Specify the maximum number of rows to return. Example: 100


Get All Jobs


Get Query Jobs: If set true, switch result Bulk API jobs to Query jobs.

PK Chunking enabled: If set to true, filter jobs with PK chunking enabled.

Job Type: Filters jobs based on job type.

  • BigObjectIngest—BigObjects job

  • Classic—Bulk API 1.0 job

  • V2Ingest—Bulk API 2.0 job


The Features and Specifications of MDP Salesforce Bulk API v2 Adapter.

Supports Salesforce Bulk API V2: Insert, Update, Upsert and Delete

Supports Salesforce Bulk API v2 41..48 versions

Supports Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL)

Easy Configuration and User-Friendly UI

Supports TLS 1.2 and above

Supports Salesforce External ID

Supports Secure OAuth2 Connection

Supports Encoding

Error Message Handling

Check Bulk Job ID Status / Query Job Status

Gets All Jobs Status

Supports Sandbox and Product Environment

Connectivity between SAP Cloud Platform Integration to SAP system or Non-SAP systems

Sends >10K Records

100 million records per 24-hour period.


Key advantages

Easy configuration and set-up.

Reduces implementation effort for integration with Salesforce.

Bulk API v2 simplifies uploading Bulk data and is limited to 100 million records per 24 hours.



In conclusion, The MDP Salesforce Bulk API v2 Adapter for Salesforce is a powerful and user-friendly adapter that allows you to send bulk messages and pull data from Salesforce with ease. In the coming days, we will be releasing a Youtube "How to" video tutorial showing typical use case integration scenarios implementing this adapter into your Integration Flows. We welcome any questions or suggestions in the comments below. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via the link below. Thank you for reading.

For more PI/PO/CPI solutions, visit our website.

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