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How to create organizational Model for the CHARM Approval Group in the  Michael Vollmer's Blog of the  New ChaRM Feature with SP 10: Enhanced Approval Procedure Functions  he did not explain how to create Org Model via PPOMA_CRM , therefore I would like to show  this simple process - to create Approval Group Organization!

To be able to create an Organizational Model you should first create Organization Model for the Approval Group type Organization.

Goto SPRO :

then choose valid time period for your organization:

in the next screen you should chose name of the approval organization in our Case will be following:

Approval Organization 1

After you created approval organization you should create new postion like is presented in the below picture with the steps how to create :

  1. Select current Organization
  2. Create new Assigment/Relationship
  3. Choose “Incorporates Position”

then choose new name in our case Org. Model 1

your current Org Model is ready to assign the members Holders!

Click on the Org. Model 1 and with the right Click (DropDown Menu) go to Assign

in the next screen choose Owner / BP

then you will get:

in the above picture you can choose one or more then one ember of your future App. organization. In our case will be 3 BP.

Do not Forget to SAVE before you leave the transaction.

Hope that helps, if you have comments are find errors, do not hesitate to contact me.

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