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As I write this, I see that IDC just released a prediction: “Mobile Market to Swell to 1.8 billion phones in 2013.” ( Embedded in that prediction: 40 percent year-over-year growth Worldwide from 2012-13.

40 percent growth!

Of course, this growth represents a big chunk of the “D” in the BYOD – Bring Your Own Device —the trend that’s got IT leaders scrambling to deploy and secure a smorgasbord of personal devices for enterprise use.

And BYOD in turn represents only a portion of the overall mobility challenges facing IT. When we talk about enterprise mobility, we’re talking about: personal and company devices, applications, content, management, security, provisioning, networking, infrastructure – you get the idea.

Mobility is table stakes for business today. It boosts productivity. Opens new channels for revenue through e-commerce. And perhaps more importantly, if I can quote from the SAP and IDG playbook we recently produced, mobile strategies are evolving as businesses look at new ways to give technology directly to consumers and customers, to empower them to manage their accounts or report problems. Mobile platforms are opening the door to some really cool ways businesses can engage with their customers.

I recently sat down with Carolyn Fitton, senior manager of global mobile product marketing at SAP, and Diarmuid Mallon, lead for Global Marketing Solutions & Programs at SAP for a really engaging chat around the question, “What’s your mobile game plan?”

Let’s face it: The onus is on IT to figure out how to manage the mobile environment while maintaining the age-old balance between being user-friendly and secure.

Check out this webcast here ( and learn why a holistic approach is best, and why you should focus on platform, apps, development tools and managed services for the best shot at success.

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