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After reading my previous blog, I hope now you have fair idea on what the PPM and ChaRM integration is all about. Now let's get bit technical and see the step by step procedures for integrating PPM with ChaRM in SP10.

One absolute important thing to know is; there are many actions, text procedures related to PPM integration have been updated in Change Request Management related standard Txn types in SP10. So if you are already using ChaRM (assuming you are using Z* txn types) then all these new actions and text procedures should be recreated in the Z* txn types. The integration is all about adopting the new content delivered in SP10 to our Z* txn types. If you are copnfiguring ChaRM freshly in SP10 then the integration becomes lots easier (however in real world there are many customers who are already using ChaRM in < SP10 ) .So let us assume, for this blogs sake, we are already using ChaRM and our Change Request Txn type is ZZCR.

Configuration Prerequisites

1. Partner Function SMCD0005 (PPM Resource)

Transaction DNO_CUST04 has been updated with new field PPM_RESOURCE_PFCT in SP10. New partner function SMCD0005 needs to be maintained against this field. Defaults settings need not be changed if you are planning to use SMCD0005 as PPM Partner. You may also maintain your custom partner in DNO_CUST04 but it is optional.

However the new Partner needs to be maintained in the Partner Function in Procedure screen to utilize this partner in Change Request.

2. Text Types adoption

Transaction DNO_CUST04 has the parameters PPM_TEXT_TYPE and PPM_DESCRIPTION_TYPE. Enter the text types. The default values are:


We can leave this untouched until and unless you want to use your own text types. So there is nothing to change here.

However we need to add these Text Types to our Z* Text Determination Procedure used in ZZCR (ZZCR0001). So make below entries in the following customization: SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide -> SAP Solution Manager -> Capabilities (Optional) -> Change Request Management -> Transactions -> Text Management > Text Detn Procedure

3. PPF Actions Adoption

A new action SMCR_CREATE_PPM_TASK is updated in the action profile SMCR_ACTIONS. This needs to be adopted to ZMCR action profile. So let's see what is the action definition of this newly delivered action and what parameters needs to be adopted while recreating this action in ZMCR.

So we need to create a custom action ZZCR_CREATE_PPM_TASK in our ZZCR action profile and adopt the above settings to have this action ready.

4. SET_STA_TASK Action

The action SET_STA_TASK sets the task status. Ensure that this action is specified for each status value in the status schema of the request for change. This needs to be adopted to our ZMCR action profile using following path: SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide -> SAP Solution Manager —> Capabilities (Optional) —> Change Request Management —> Change Request Management Framework —> Make Settings for Change Transaction Types. This action is responsible for mapping the status b/w PPM Task <> Change Request.

Integration Information

1. Define Project Type Mapping

This information determines the SAP Solution Manager projects you can assign to a Project Management project. You cannot assign a SAP Solution Manager project to a Project Management project whose type is not in this mapping.

2. Define Project Status Mapping

This information is used to synchronize Project Management project status values to an SAP Solution Manager project. The mapping can depend on the SAP Solution Manager project type or be independent of it. Maintain the project type if you use different status values in the project type templates; leave it empty if you use the same status values for some or all project types.If you do not maintain the mapping for a Project Management status value, or the SAP Solution Manager status value is not valid for an SAP Solution Manager project, the status of the SAP Solution Manager project remains unchanged.

3. Map Transaction Types onto Task Types

Choose which Project Management task types are mapped to which SAP Solution Manager transaction types. Then, for each mapping, maintain the task and transaction type, the creation and assignment mode, and the indicator to restrict time recording. If the indicator is set, only resources that are assigned to the transaction with partner function PPM Resource (SMCD0005) are allowed to record time.

4. Map Task Status onto Request for Change Status

Using this you map SAP Solution Manager status values of requests for change onto Project Management task status values. This updates the status of the Project Management task, depending on the status of the request for change.


This is it !. Now we can start using PPM Projects with ChaRM. I shall publish a new blog on how to work with PPM and CharM in realtime with use cases.



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