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Come and meet ASUG BI Volunteers and other like-minded analytics aficionados! Allison Levine, EDW Special Interest Group Chair and myself will be at the ASUG Hub on Tuesday, 10/20 from 2:30-3:00pm. Things we’d love to chat with you include:

  • Upcoming ASUG BI Webcasts

  • Conference speaking opportunities- we’re looking for the best BI stories for ASUG Annual Conference 2016!

  • How you can get involved with ASUG or the SAP ecosytem as a whole

  • Why is Allison so awesome?

  • Are you coming to the Diversified Semantic Layer live podcast taping later that day?

  • Do Allison and I think tamara.powlas ever sleeps?  (Short answer is yes, but I am jealous of her ability to get up a O-Dark-Hundred hours!)

  • oswaldxxl is presenting his customer story at what time on Thursday? 8am? Really???

Those topics can be just some of the things we can chat about if you’d like. But as much as Allison and I would love to catch up- we’re looking forward to meeting some new faces. Will you be one of them?

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