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Well there are just a couple days left in the Answer-Thon 2021 summer/winter Contest special, and I've got a pile of notes to transcribe of messages I reviewed, looking for answers waiting to happen. I put an even ten questions into today's post, which generally revolve around the topic of data integration but as we go through them we may stray off topic a little.

For rules and prior posts, search on ccat and references at the end. Good responses to those tagged questions should get you a community brag badge.




Here, a few insights into a configuration set up, then the abrupt ending of "nothing happened."
I'd look at the suggest similar question "Wrong credentials for ABAPAdapter" as a first clue that perhaps no results are due to a masking or authentication issue.

"Adapter abap adapter could not be registered with HANA server"
However both of those show some results along with error messages. I'd look for logs (and open a ticket).




RFC Error: The XML document that was read had an invalid format.

RFC error XML - not a very descriptive subject, as on the first dive we see the detail "expanded entity set". Well, that's not my cup of tea but it's definitely narrower than RFC and XML for detecting problems. Alas, not much more detail in the posted question; a long bit of code but short on error message specifics.

"SAP Gateway Service Builder" appears in an image, not text, making searches less direct. Add captions with details such as API level, language versions, security model.




How do I provide Header Structure Paramters in RFC Call in CPI?

Both of the "similar questions" appear to be from the same source, which might seem like duplicate posting at first but I think would be a running dialogue of progress along various development threads and paths. Too bad this has been only a soliloquy as few if any visible interactions have occurred.

Not enough data.

"...the TYPE of parameters, not should be DEEP Structures."

Question about the capabilities of the RFC Adapter in SAP CPI

has a good answer, and more views. Maybe someone should do a post on what they've learned?



Can I link CPI-DS (HCI-DS) to a HANA DB?

"Does anyone know if this is possible and how to do it?" is certainly the question. I don't know the answer myself, though I suspect the best answer is not "yes or no" as there would be several requirements to review before deciding on a data flow. You might want to know the security model, as pulling data in one application from a repository in another might expose data not normally visible. You might want to know the information latency; does this need to be a real-time pull, or are there scheduled cube builds that could be tapped into. You might want to know about data volumes, both in terms of data transfer speed, but also in gauging whether the target application will not tip over from overload.


DataStoreException: java.sql.SQLException: JZ0TO: Read operation timed out

Ooh, an SAP Note!

2497641 - SQL Error with Java stack and Read operation time out errors for SAP ASE for BS
This is a preview of a SAP Knowledge Base Article. Click more to access the full version on SAP ONE Support launchpad (Login required).

Is this the right note? I'm not sure, as the OP didn't mention SAP ASE, but to me, the error messages look similar. The note says there would be a Java stack error, though the OP also didn't mention where the error showed up, or if there are more details. Could be a performance issue related to data structures, indexes, etc., or could be bad code that needs patching. I can't read the note although even reading it in full might not clarify relevance.

If the note seems to apply, probably worth opening a service ticket to investigate further.


SAP integration (API) approach for third party brokered scenario

I would say this is a design question, or a predicate of one, where there could be a number of solution sets. Perhaps clarify prior research, existing and planned infrastructure, and maybe a customer base expectation.


SAP CPI multipart mixed message

Here is another design question, with a general view of the currently available data, and the question pretty much summed up in the subject. It tags "groovy script" for what that's worth.



Send data from ECC to CPI using SOAP for synchronous scenario

I like this in a sentimental way, as it refers to ECC which would have been, what, Basis 7.50 or so? So many product names and evolution to track, but here there is a certain well-defined and well-known source system architecture. The question includes several screenshots, mentions contacting SAP support and seems to be to include enough detail to warrant a few answers or at least comments like "tried it" or "let me see".



Connection reset by peer Error called the java application in iflow

The quoted error messages give clues as to the nature of the problem, which like others I looked at during the Answer-Thon was a data overflow or socket closure causing a data transfer to be broken or suspect. Manual intervention is unlikely, so I'd look at the usual suspects, error logs, quality system ramp-up/integration testing, and error recovery/prevention design.



RFC Function Module from KYMA to call User exits in ECC

This question is more of a toss-out, where the intent is to see if anyone has pioneered an approach, in this case for an open-source application builder (I'm paraphrasing). There's an SAP blog post [ ] which gives perspective. I'd need to ask what is the support model for the "product" or software application distribution. I'd look at whether the topic/tag here would be sufficient for your risk acceptance comfort level.


The bonus question is #13308406, which deals with the obscure but often critical ODBC connection.



Here is the image from the question (copied as I can't cross-reference the link). It has mostly blanks, though from context some are customer specific and may also be range-bound. Security, etc.

I searched (google) with these tags tags: hana tenant database odbc ports




SAP HANA Client Interface Programming Reference

"Connecting to SAP HANA Databases and Servers"


"Connect to SAP HANA via ODBC"


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