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In this blog I have attempted to explain the text variable issue with Time Characteristics in Bex Query after the BW system upgraded to 7.3 version


After the BW system gets upgraded to BW7.3 version, then during the execution of the BW query the Time Characteristics with text variable does not dynamicaly display its text instead it would display its technical name as depicted in below screen shot.


In Bw7.3 version, for time characteristics like 0CALDAY textxs will not be maintained in RSD1 and also for time characteristics "TEXTS" option would be unchecked in the Master Data/Text tab of characteristics. While in lower versions 3.x/7.0 for time characteristics texts would be internally maintained in RSD1 hence the text variable works fine in 3.5/7.0 versions.

In general before the BW upgradation to BW7.3 version, variable setting maintained in Bex Query Designer is depicted below, setting maintained for Replace Variable with is "Name Text"


Change the setting for "Replace Variable with" in text variable from Name to "External Characteristics Value(Key)", then the BW report would display correct texts for the text variable used in the Time Characteristics.

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