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Hi all,

I am sharing you concept called text join in HANA, which we mainly use to extract descriptive data from a table or language specific data from a table.

Text Join is used in order to get language-specific data.

Text Join is used to fetch the description based on user's session language. Once we implement the text join in SAP HANA, it automatically find out user's language and give description in that language.

Requirement: change text column in PA0000 table from English language to German language using text join concept, using graphical calculation view,


First create one calculation view in your package and add table PA0000(HR Master Record), T529U(Value Table) and T002(Language Key) in three different projection as following


Now add these columns in output from these three projections


Join projection1 and projection2 as following

Give join between STATN and STAT2 as text join and make sure that language column should be SPRSL

And projection2 and projection3 as following

Give join between SPRAS and TEXT1 as text join and make sure that language column should be SPRAS

Now map all respective columns of two joins with the help of union


Add these columns in output in top projection below semantics

This is complete calculation view objects for your help


Now check your data in data preview, here the data is displayed in English language as you can see in below screenshot


As you can see the data is displayed here in English language, now let's change text1 column in German language then follow these procedures to get your output

Go to your HANA system, right click there and then go to properties


Next, go to additional properties there you can choose your language


Once you finish this then activate and validate your view, you can see the changes in data preview


Now you can see that your data is in the German language


I hope this blog is helpful for all to understand Text join concepts in HANA!!!

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