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Hi All.

Maybe you already know this little trick, but I have been struggling quite some time before I found this out.

When testing UI5 apps (or other web apps for that matter), from time to time you come across situations where you want to test a certain app with multiple users at the same time.

But since browsers are caching logon tokens, one cannot just open a new session and test the same app with another user.

Until recently I used the Incognito mode in Google Chrome to be able to actually do this, because Incognito modes does not share session data with normal mode. However separate Incognito sessions do share data. So using this approach, one would have to close all incognito sessions in order to log on with another user.


The Solution



Google Chrome offers what is known as Guest Accounts. And the good part is:

(1) They do not share session data

(2) You can create as many guest accounts as you like.

You can even assign different color schemes to individual accounts, so they are easy to identify.



  • In the upper right corner of Chrome, click your user avatar icon.

  • In the bottom of the popover window you will see your Guest accounts. There will always be at least one.

  • Click '+ Add' to add more.

  • By clicking the settings button (to the right of the text 'Other profiles') you can customize each Guest Account, including a color scheme to make it easy to identify which is being used.

  • In Windows each Guest Account session will appear as a separate group on the Task Bar.

From your main session, you can now click your user avatar and just click on one of the guest accounts, and a new session for that guest account will open with separate session data.

When you access a web app for which you have already authenticated in one of your other sessions, you will now be prompted for credentials, and can now test the same application with another user.


That's it - Happy testing !

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