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I'm continuing with my blog series on testing tools. This blog post focses on testing a RESTFUL web service provisioned by PO. The easiest way to perform a basic unit test of the interface is with a Chrome Plugin called DHC. It can be downloaded here DHC - REST/HTTP API Client - Chrome Web Store.

This tool provides an easy way to test requests using a simple web based UI. The requests can be saved into folders and easily exported to share.

In the following example I am sending a POST request to our PO system and the payload is JSON. A response is returned which is also JSON. The following explains how I populated the request

URL:  Make sure you use the correct URL.

Method: DHC requires a method (POST, GET, PUT etc…). In this instance we are posting data to PO.

Content Type: In this case it is application/json

Authorizations. Click on the ‘set an authorisation’ and you can enter your credentials and they are translated to the fomat required for Basic Authentication (using BASE64).

Payload: Paste the payload in the BODY section, set the type to text and click on the JSON link at the bottom to format the request.

Once executed the response will appear underneath

There are a number of other tools that can be used, both online (such as Postman, another Chrome Add-in) or client based solutions such as SOAPui.

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