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Although the DHML-client for WebIntelligence was already partially introduced last year with the release of service pack 3, I personally decided to continue to work with the applet version.

Due to a missing java run time on my new computer, I decided today to try out the dhtml version as I anyhow wanted to try out some of the new features of SP4.

First thing is to enable the dhtml version. This can be done via your user preferences in the BI launchpad :

We have the opportunity to decide not only if you want to use the dhmtl client, but you can as well have another client for viewing your WebI reports than for creating or editing them. I chose to use HTML for both cases.

Please note, this can right now  only be done in the old version of the launchpad.

After saving starts WebI immediately without the JAVA-Plugin and works normally. To test this I created a sample report.

To test as well the newly activated HTML-viewer for WebI, I've used the new fiorized launchpad by calling the URL: http://yourserver:yourport/BOE/BILaunchpad

Here I could find my newly created report immediately.


When opening the newly created WebI report from the launchpad, it looks like this:

The report can as well be edited directly from the new launchpad:

From here the WebI Designer is started in full screen mode.


Clear statement from my side:

I will definitely use the WebI dhtml client from now on, as it worked very well for me.

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