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Hi All,

I was using CPI-PI service on Cloud Foundry environment. However, when I was trying to test interfaces using soapui/postman, I was facing connectivity issue between these tools and CPI tenant. We usually test CPI-PI interfaces using SOAPUI/POSTMAN tool. However, if you are using  CPI-PI on cloud foundry environment you might have also faced connectivity issue between SOAPUI/POSTMAN to SAP CPI-PI.

Below is the error while trying to invoke interface -->

In case of neo environment, either client based or role based interfaces can be triggered from soapui/postman.

To be able to send inbound messages from sender system to CPI-PI you can configure OAUTH authentication.

  1. Login to CPI Tenant --> Monitor --> Roles --> Download ESBMessaging.send

  2. Login to SCP - Cockpit --> Select Cloud Found Subaccount -->

  3. Go to Spaces -->

  4. Select Service Market place under Service and search for the "Process Integration Runtime"

  5. Create Instance --> Create Instance --> Next --> Assign downloaded Role from the step 1 --> Next --> Again Next --> Finish

  6. Click on created instance --> Select Service Keys --> Click on create service keys -->

  7. Use the tokenurl?grant_type=client_credentials> as first call to get the access token --> Method POST, Authorization as Basic, Username = clientid and Password = clientsecret. Response contains the access token

  8. Copy Access Token and use it in the second call (CPI Endpoint), Authorization as OAUTH2.0


Note - Please get below role assigned to your user in the cockpit -->

Now you can login to CPI Tenant --> Monitor --> Message Monitor and can see entries here.

Hope this will help in testing interfaces using soapui/postman. If you find any other way then do share it via comments.




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