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today i would like to write about test case management with the net weaver gateway client. I really like the NetWeaver Gateway - it's so simple to provide SAP backend data to a consumer & provided functionality is good. There are some restrictions, but i'm sure it will greatly improve with future releases.

So let's talk about testing:

I would like to give you an idea, how we set up testing your oData services with the NetWeaver Gateway client.

Why is it important to create testcases in the NW GW client?

For me, there are several reasons why creating test cases is important. There is plenty of documentation around for this topic so therefore i just want to point out some of the major reasons.

- Test Cases help to understand requirements & fasten up checks to proof, that a requirement was implemented properly.

- Changes can be checked against proper testcases

- The next developer who has to maintain the service doesn't have to check docu or even the programm to verifiy if his don't affect the current logic in a negative manner.

- After an upgrade, the service can be checked faster if it works still correct

- The customer can be involved to define test cases & therefore has to maintain proper test data

First of all, for every service we created there is a corresponding test group - containing all test cases related to the service.

1) How to create a Testgroup?

In /IWFND/GW_CLIENT transaction, run a request for e.g. GET and one of your EnittySets. After execution (works also if you didn't execute the request) hit the save button. There will be a popup asking you to enter testgroup and a description of your testcase.

2) How to add a testcase to the testgroup?

Execute Request in NW GW client and hit the save button aftewards. Select the testgroup you've created, provide a description & the new testcase is saved.

3) How to run a testcase?

Hit the select Button (with blue Database icon) and choose your testgroup or service name. You will get a list of your saved testcases. Select an entry in the list and hit run test button.

4) How to run multiple tests at once?

If you selected the testgroup you can select multiple testcases in the list displayed and hit the button run tests.

5) How to chain tests?

I usually make a create testcase first. Afterwards, i take the id & continue with read, update,delete testcases. If there is no id or other unique identifier present, i just execute all testcases at once.

6) How to set a expected result.

For every testcase you test, there is the possibility to set the expected result. The expected result represents a expecetd http status code (eg. 200, 204 and so on). This can be done e.g on the overview list of the executed testcases or on the list displaying the testcases of a testgroup.

7) How to arrange test cases?

For myself i've created the following naming convention, which worked nice up till now.

0000 - Metadata : This testcases has the metadata request of the service

0101 - Entity1 - Operation 1

0102 - Entity1 - Operation 2

0201 - Entity2 - Operation 1

Z-Description - Testcases, that i created to test specific things not coverad in the numbered testcases.

I hope this document helped you to get started with test case management with the NetWeaver Gateway client. Let me know, if you require printscreens oder oder documentation to manage the testcases.

I wish you all a nice day & enjoy the last days of 2015.

Kind regards,


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