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Template Management Part III

Rollback and update template

This is the Part III of the template management deals with Rollback and updates of already created templates.  Normally this happens when you get the feed back from the local sites, whereadditional template requirements, like improvements or corrections of the templat.  After implemented the suggestions in template you rollout the updated template to local implementation projects using the compare and adjust functionality.

Select your template project which you need to update. 

Manully change the needed changes in Configuration, test management tabs.  Save the template project.

Make the visiblity to public use, in the project administration for using this template project in Global implementation. 

Compare and Adjust Functionality

The goal of the compare and adjust functionality is to retrieve and transfer process and pre-configuration difference from an updated template, into the currentimplementation project.  Normally this should have two steps.

compare the implementation

In a first step,SAP Solution Manager helps you to compare the implementation project with the updated template, and highlights all changes in the process structure of your implementation project.  This functionality is launched using transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE.

You can select the required options from tabs to be compared.

Adjust to original

Choose the local implementation project to view the compared configuration changes.

Having compared the implementation project with the updated template,differences (e.g., deleted and new assignments) are highlighted – here with a yellow exclamation mark - but not yet transferred into the Blueprint and/or Configuration environment.

In the next step, you decide which changes should be transferred into your project.This is done using the Compare and Adjust functionality in the implementation project; it is started using the Adjust to Original button

Changes from the template can be transferred into the current implementation project, in this case a BC Set [Business Configuration Set], by selectively choosing them for transfer.

During the transfer or adjustment step, initiated via the Adjust to Original button,

you should consider the following:

  • The Complete button completes the comparison, regardless of whether all changed objects have been transferred into the implementation project or not. This will make the yellow exclamation mark disappear. A new archive version will be created. After completing the comparison, the compare and adjust dialogue will no longer show differences in the New Version of Original section (left pane). The compare and adjust dialogue will only flag new changes that come with the next template update.
  • Via the Copy button you simply transfer the changed objects into your implementation project. The yellow exclamation mark does not disappear until you have set the comparison to complete.

Select complete button to complete the comparision.

Click yes for the warning popups.

After the transfer into the project, the configuration will still need to be applied to the locally managed systems, documented and tested as already stated in part II.

Now you are familier with the Template Management in detail.

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