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My goal at this SAP TechEd && d-code event is to get a deeper knowledge and expertise in everything that is Mobile Solution. I've been into the SAP ecosystem for couple years and this will be my first time going to this event and I'm very excited about it. I can't wait to learn new stuff and meet other people who are passionate about their work.

My location:

I'm attending the Las Vegas event. I'm in contact with customers in the United States and I work with American colleagues quite often. It will be my first visit in this city and I'm looking forward to see all the attraction it has to offer.

My plan:

I tried to make a full schedule that is focused on mobile development. I'm really excited about the workshops and I think this is going to be the best of my experience at TechEd. I also plan to go around the Show Floor when I'll have some free time to see what's new in the market and try to meet people who are into the mobile development domain as well. I hope I'll be able to get very useful skills and that I'll be able to share my knowledge with my colleagues once I go back home!

Developer Garage

I'm looking forward to this event because it will be an excellent opportunity to get my hands on tools that will be useful in my work and for my customers. Since I will be arriving in Las Vegas during the weekend, I'll be able to start learning new stuff on Monday! I might also make some adjustement to my schedule depending on how I like a particular tool during that day.

MOB211 - From Zero to Mobile in Weeks

I am very interested hearing this speaker with their experience with SAP Mobile Platform. I'm looking forward to hear how they got from nothing to a full scale solution with mobile devices. It is always interesting to see how different companies implement their mobile solutions. I hope I'll be able to learn which pitfalls they had in order to avoid them in future implementations I will do. I also want to know what kind of application they wanted, which features they had to give up and the final solution they ended up having.

MOB262 - Design and Deploy an HTML5 Enterprise Class Mobile Application

This is a must-attend workshop! I'm very excited about this one because I've been involved in a lot of customer projects that required the use of native code (Android and iOS). With the new SAPUI5 framework, this workshop will prove to be invaluable with the future project I will be working on. A lot of people around me are talking about the future of front-end technology and I want to have a deep knowledge and expert advices on how to build the best enterprise application possible with this framework.

MOB261 - Service Mash-Ups with the SAP Mobile Platform and Integration Gateway

This workshop is another opportunity to get an update on the SAP Mobile Platform latest version. I've been working with older version for a couple projects in the past years and I want to learn from SAP expert how to leverage the new SMP features, such as the Integration Gateway. I'm also very interested to know how to integrate OData services within the Mobile Platform. Since SAP is going into that direction in the future, I must learn how to achieve the service and data integration that will be widespread in the next years.

MOB102 - Designing Your Enterprise Mobile Solution

In past projects, I had to deal with customer's concerns about the security and scability of the mobile solution we were implementing. I'm looking forward into this lecture to acquire hints and advices from an expert about those concerns. I hope to hear about the pitfalls that must be avoided and how to minimize the risks of breaking a mobile solution when a new update is provided to the customer.

EA104 - Wrangling Messy Data – A True Story

I'm curious about this story because it happens all the time! Even when you have the best intentions and best practices, I've seen projects that were clean and well-designed getting messy because new requirements would be necessary and the data model get messed up in one iteration. Since this is a true story, I will take this opportunity to see how others are dealing with these situations and how they fixed it (or not!).

UXP104 - SAP Fiori Launchpad – An Overview

I know a little bit about Fiori and this lecture will be a good starting point in learning this technology. I hope to get deeper knowledge with the capabilities of the Launchpad as well as its limitations. I like the idea of having multiple little application accessible from a central point. The most common error I've seen when developing mobile application is to make it too big, too large and not focused enough on one specific task. SAP Fiori Launchpad seems to bring an alternative to this kind of design mistakes by encapsulating different applications.

UXP164 - Designing SAP Fiori Custom Applications

This is another must-attend workshop (if I get to register for a third one!). I'm looking forward to get a good hands-on into making a Fiori custom application. My knowledge is limited and I'm not familiar with the tools to achieve such customization. I hope to be able to bring back these new skills with me and share it with my colleagues once I'm back home.

Hacker Night:

I was really happy to learn that there will be a featured Hacker Night during the event. I'm thrilled about this opportunity because it will be the perfect night to meet other passionate developers and exchange knowledge and skills. It will be my first attendance in this kind of event and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I'm sure I will enjoy the night since I will be surrounded with other people like me!

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