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Day 1 -

This blog covers Q/A summary for some of the sessions delivered during SAP TechEd 2021 for analytics track on day 2.

Date – 18th Nov. 2021


  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • SAP Analytics Cloud


Track – Analytics


  • ANA – Discover Enterprise-Ready Data Warehousing

  • ANA – Making Strategic Decisions with SAP Analytics

  • ANA – Discover Enterprise-Ready Data Warehousing

  • ANA – Applying Analytics End to End


Get an Overview on Data Integration with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud [ANA205]

Is it possible to write data from DWC to BW4HANA? As it is currently possible between BW and HANA Native.

You can use the HANA of DWC as source System for a BW and use that to write. There is currently no direct writing mechanism back into HANA.

Could we create CDS views on top of Customer cloud and sales cloud?

You can consume CDS Views in DWC, that are build/provided inside the source applications

Is there in the roadmap, a plan for a connector to Snowflake?

Can use JDBC driver or Open Connectors for that already. But real-time replication wouldn't be possible.You can use the generic JDBC connection to connect to Snowflake today. A dedicated connector is in our backlog but no date yet.

Is there a connector available for SAP PaPM CLoud?

I don't what interfaced SAP PaPM offers, as long as we can use a generic interface such a oData or JDBC it should be possible to connect. There is currently no dedicated connection tile.

Can we do planning in DWC?

Planning can be found on the roadmap ,;IN...

Does SDI come with DWC or needs a separate license purchase?

SDI comes with DWC and does not need a separate license.

Can I use a CDS View on a S4 on prem system as source in case it has parameters?

Parameters are on the roadmap,;INNO=...

Working on HANA 2 with SDA I experience many limitations by using SQL on SDA wise

Connections can have limitations, some technically some even logically. That is why we offer the table replication or the view persistency to accelerate the access.

How to bring Bw4hana info-provider data to DWC?

BW4HANA you can use the Model Transfer to bring entire info provider models into DWC

Could you elaborate about the differences between the BW bridge vs the model transfer approach and use case?

The BW Bridge brings an ABAP environment into DWC, where we will run the staging (DTP, Transformations, Process Chains) in the BW Bridge.


Give Data Purpose with Unified Data and Analytics [ANA203]

What tool(s) are available to define models (ERDs, etc.) and/or architectures to help with the showing data flows, etc.? Is it Power Designer?
Data Warehouse Cloud is providing an ER-Modeler Editor. You can use latest version of PD to export models in CSN-Format to be imported to the ER-Modeler. PD is on-prem. Not cloud.

SAP Data Warehouse cloud, do you have any customer success stories which are into Banking and E Governance domain?
you can find all of our customer references for various industries via this link:

Is there any recommendation when to model in DWC vs. data import and modeling in SAC?
For standard modeling SAC is sufficient. If you’re interested in complex modeling, filter, join ... DWC is the natural modeling extension. to SAC.

What is the future of BusinessObjects BI 4.3 tools for Analytics? Eg. Lumira, Webi.
There are roadmap items regarding this topic. We are investing more on integrating SAP Analytics Cloud and Business Objects.

Do you have additional live connection in DWC than SAC?
We are moving forward to provide a central connection management to provide the same connectivity for all SAP Data & Analytics products


See BI Reporting Use Cases with SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud [ANA206]

We struggle with the fact we have now two portals: BO and SAC, which is confusing for business users. Is there a product filling that gap? (I understand Analytics hub is out of the picture now).
the catalog feature "out of the box" in SAC brings the same features Analytics Hub did.

Analysis for Microsoft Office - Can we connect directly to Hana CVs?
This is our experience with Analysis Office and S/4HANA: Blog written by tammy.powlas3

How about metadata, is it transferred to Cloud?
The only metadata stored on the cloud tenant is the one needed to describe and display the stories, e.g. dimensions and filters.

Is Google's g-sheet supported, or only MS Excel?
Analysis for Office solutions only work with MS Excel


Experience Business-Friendly Modeling with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud [ANA301]

Is it possible to have one Space for the "Acquisition" for all data and segment the business modeling by business domains like FI, SD , PP? In other words one space can read data models from another?
yes, with the sharing concept of spaces you can have central space and serve other spaces with that data

What is equivalent of Master Data Infoobjects (Text/Hierarchies/Attributes) in DWC? Is it model views for each entity?
In DWC we follow a similar approach. Dimensions will have associations to hierarchies and text etc.

How Info-objects are handled in DWC with Model Transfer/ BW Bridge?
The info-object are transferred as well.


Discover the Planning and Analytics Designer in SAP Analytics Cloud [ANA300]

SAC is Evolving every day and your Trail is only for 90 Days. is there any way that we can use SAC as a service on BTP?
SAC is already part of BTP. For now, the limit is still 90 days.

Will these templates be available in SAC?
Yes, HR Planning is already available in the SAC content network.

Assuming also Project Planning templates will be available.
this is not in the plan yet.
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