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Curated Questions posted by attendees during the SAP TechEd 2020 sessions and answered by presenters in analytics track.

Please refer following blog for Day 1 Q/A.

TechEd-2020 SAP Analytics Q/A Summary (SAP DWC, SAC, BW4HANA) – Day 1

Date – 10th December 2020

Track – Analytics

Products – SAP DWC, SAC

Session(s) –

Consume Data from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with Third-Party BI Tools [ANA116]
Overview and Highlight of the Analytics Designer for SAP Analytics Cloud [ANA201]
Road Map: Analytics Designer for SAP Analytics Cloud [ANA833]
Build Your Own Hybrid Data Warehouse with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud [ANA908]
Connect to Business Warehouse Queries from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud [ANA215]
Empower Your Analysts with a Business Layer for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud [ANA217]

SAP Analytics Cloud:

1> Does Analytics Designer need additional license (cost) like Digital Boardroom or Planning option or Reporting option in SAC includes Analytics Designer?

Analytics Designer requires BI standard license. So the same like story. If you are building planning functionalities inside the analytic applications, then you need planning license as well. But for standard reporting use cases, the standard BI license is sufficient.

2> Is a designer dashboard able to be edited by multiple person/developer at time?

Today not. multiple person can create applications, then you can copy and paste all the widgets created into one app. For the future releases, we will work on the composite concept. With composite concept, we can allow multiple person work in parallel.

3> exists or is plan to add a script debugger with breakpoint function?

debugging is already available.

4> How to pass data from story to analytic app & vice versa?

it is via URL parameter.
example: from App-> Story,
var p1 = UrlParameter.create('f01Model','sap.epm:BestRunJuice_SampleModel');
var p2 = UrlParameter.create('f01Dim','Location_4nm2e04531');
var p3 = UrlParameter.create('f01Val','CT1');
NavigationUtils.openStory("C27E8AFB94A5084DF92585B46C132A60", "39067629-0f01-411a-942c-ce9c5a228e09", [p1, p2, p3], true);

5> Is there any version control concept like git?

Not available yet. Recommend to Save As to a new version.

6> Whether parallel processing and load on datasource on-demand is possible? which exist on Lumira

parallel processing is automatically enabled in SAC. Here you don't need to do specific setting in analytics designer. For datasource load on-demand, you can leverage script API pause-refresh to achieve the goal (this feature is delivered with Q4/2020 QRC release). In addition, we also delivered the loading invisible widgets in background feature, that will provide you a certain mechanism to prepare the invisible widgets in background to speedup the on-start up performance.

7> is there any specific guidelines need to be followed, to create a custom widget in SAC?

Yes, you can have a look into the following resources:

8> Will it be possible to turn a story into analytic application ? That could avoid us recreating our stories from scratch.

We are supporting copy&paste workflow today to enable you to copy widgets from story to applications. Thus table, charts, images etc can be copied from to application. All the formatting of table/chart , datasource etc. can all be copied over.

9> Is there any way we can migrate Lumira Designer application to SAP SAC application?

Unfortunately it is not possible to migrate lumira designer applications into analytics designer applications. The technology of Lumira and SAC are totally different to be able to provide any migration tool.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud:2

10> Will it allow to transfer data from BW Provider to DWC ?

this is not the idea of the concept. The data will sitting in BW and DWC will reuse the semantic layer of BW. Data transfer is not part of the model transfer.

11> Is there any functions of SAP BEx query which doesn't supported while exposing data to SAP DWC? like exception, aggregation, CKF RKF etc.?

features which are only available in the Olap processor are not available. Therefore the query needs to be exposed as a InfoProvider.

12> What is the difference for DWC perspective between Query as InfoProvider or just BW Query?

To use the semantics and the BW Model transfer, the query needs to be flagged as a InfoProvider.

13> will the BW Query connection in BW/4HANA be downported to SAP BW?

this is currently not planned. This tight integration will be exclusively available for SAP BW/4HANA

14> Any additional setting required to connect SAP BW queries with SAP DWC?

Query has to be marked as an infoprovider in SAP BW to expose the query in SAP DWC.

15> Is there a comprehensive list of what's supported and what's not when connecting DWC to BW?

Yes, please check the docs concerning Operational Data Provisioning Framework (ODP) and BW Query as a Provider:

16> Isn't it hard to control, if each business analyst is creating tons of additional views? Similar in the past like creating lot's of queries, BeX WB,…

Many customers controlled this specific challenge with solid governance rules/policies. The solution can be set up to control who can create new content and which roles are assigned to create versus consume. Part of the role of DWC is the intersection of IT and business power users as Fabian discussed early in the presentation. But this freedom can be implemented responsibly via administrative controls approved by your organization.

17> is there a course or certification available for DWC yet ?

Formal certification is still a work in progress but there is significant training content at the DWC microsite here:
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