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Curated Questions posted by attendees during the SAP TechEd 2020 sessions and answered by presenters in analytics track.

Please refer following blog for Day 2 Q/A.

TechEd-2020 SAP Analytics Q/A Summary (SAP DWC, SAC, BW4HANA) – Day 2

Date - 09th December 2020

Track - Analytics

Products - SAP DWC, BW4HANA, SAC, Embedded Analytics with SAC

Session(s) -

Get the Overview of SAP Analytics [ANA101]
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: Overview [ANA108]
SAP BW/4HANA: Latest Innovation and Conversion Update [ANA204]
Road Map: Embedded Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud [ANA826]
Porsche’s Innovative Data Management and Analytics Strategy [ANA120]
Road Map: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud [ANA827]
Modeling Hybrid Scenarios with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP BW/4HANA [ANA205]
Road Map: SAP BW/4HANA [ANA828]


SAP Analytics Cloud:

1> Is there any MS Office connectivity with SAC similar to analysis for office? If yes is it going to replace analysis for office in future? Also will SAP SAC replace existing SAP BO Products?

Yes SAC subscription provides access to the Analysis for MS office plugin (for on prem MS Office), and also provides an add-in for Office 365. Over time the add in for Office 365 will get more features, and may replace Analysis for Office but there is no set plan. SAC aims to provide the next set of BI capabilities (see related questions earlier), but BOBJ products are maintained until 2027.

2> How secure SAC since we are exposing data in cloud? What all the strategies implemented in terms of security of the data i SAC?

Data Security and Privacy in the cloud is a very important topic. You can view all our certifications and compliance papers here:


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

3> Which tasks are not possible/available in Data Warehouse Cloud compared to SAP Business Warehouse?

In the nature of how we build up SAP Data Warehouse Cloud a one-to-one feature comparison is not really possible. So let me try to give you a high level overview.
Data Integration - You can choose between different integration options from federated over replicated, to data flow based (transform, harmonize, cleans) to sql based ingestion

Data Modeling - The data layer modelers let you freely model and decide how you want to bring data together while the Business Layer focuses on the business logic such as Metrics, KPIs and the actual consumption cases.

Data Access Control - Data can be restricted along all layers according to the governance you want to apply

Openness - Data can be consumed from SAP DWC by any kind of consumption tool. Starting from SAP Analytics Cloud over 3rd party like PowerBI, Tableau, etc. mainly every tool that can connect via an ODBC interface.

4> SAP DWC only works with public cloud? Is there any option for private cloud?

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a public cloud only offering.

5> How DWC different from BW/4HANA and BW apart from cloud and on-prime what other features differentiate these products? If customer have B4H,still DWC required as DW?

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can be operated in a hybrid approach with BW/4 HANA. In 2021 we will offer a so called BW/4 Model Transfer that lets you easily transfer your BI Investments into SAP DWC. Besides the integration SAP DWC brings you options for enabling self service, empowering LoBs and Business Analysts alike but also support in terms of openness for both aspect Data Integration and Consumption options.

6> Is there any plan for private cloud connectivity in future?

We do not plan for a private cloud offering of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. But you can anyway connect your SAP DWC to on Premise and cloud source alike.

7> The UI of SAP DWC is quite similar to SAC and both are integrated so is there any plan in future to have these products under one umbrella or bundle in one license rather than separate licences for both the product?

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud comes with 5 SAC licences included an gives you a starting point. Going beyond still two separate licences are required. But we make sure that you can integrate SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to work seamless.

8> SAC Planning is integrated in DW Cloud or will it be?

Currently not available in DWC but planned and part of the DWC Roadmap.

9> How to position DWC as compared to other Analytics solutions like BW/4HANA and SAP Data Intelligence? When best to use which product?

To differentiate between BW/4 and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud we recommend to go after the customers preference whether they want to go Cloud or want to stay on Premise. Given their current setup we do not force them to choose one over the other as we acknowledge that customers typically have invested great efforts into their current BW setups.
Thus we allow to operate BW(/4) and DWC in a hybrid manner to best support you in your journey.
SAP Data Intelligence focuses on Data Management, Data Pipelining and Data Distribution.
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud focuses on analytical (non-visual) aspects and to build up a true Data Foundation.

10> In the builder is it possible to have variables/parameters on dimensions and currency conversion?

Variables/Parameters as well as Currency Conversion will become available in early 2021.

11> Is it possible to push back the data to on prime sources?

Yes this is possible (limitations apply), but would require a data loading tool between SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and the on Premise system. SAP DWC offers an ODBC connection to which any kind of tool could be provided. Futurewise we will offer an OData API that can also be used to "offload" data from SAP DWC.

12> Is their BW Query design to model reports and consume it in Reporting tools of SAP & non SAP?

The element that comes most closely to BW Query Design is the so-called Consumption Model in the Business Layer. While SAP Data Warehouse Cloud works best with SAP Analytics Cloud we also allow to connect to non-SAP consumption tools like PowerBI, Tableau, etc.
Data/Information can consumed using the ODBC connector and futurewise we will offer an OData based API for data access.

13> what is driving the licens, is it user only, user type, sizing and or others?

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is licenced by Compute & Storage not Users. Compare the official Pricing Calculator for SAP DWC:



14> Why customer should move to BW4HANA who just upgraded to BW on HANA 7.5?

SAP BW/4 is the innovation code line and has bee especially developed to simplify all processes in data warehousing e.g. data modeling/remodeling, connectivity, data life cycle management and administration. Customers who moved to BW/4 really like these simplifications as it allows them to react much faster on business changes.

15> What is the future of BW/4HANA. Will it be maintained as an on-premise Data warehousing solution, or will it be merged somehow with the Data warehouse Cloud?

SAP BW/4HANA will continue to be our strategic offering for DW on premises implementation and implementations in the private cloud.

16> What would you recommend? From BW on HANA 7.5 to DWC (warehouse cloud) or BW/4HANA ?

This really depends on our customer's data warehouse strategy in terms of public cloud vs. on premises implementations. SAP BW/4 and SAP DWC can also be deployed in a hybrid approach .

17> Is a separate license needed to make use of the Data Protection workbench in combination with SAP ILM?

no separate license.


Embedded Analytics with SAC

18> Is there connectivity to S/4HANA on premise?

yes both live and import connection

19> Do you have capability matrix for SAC Enterprise vs SAC Embedded?

Yes, see Comparison Summary here:

20> S4HANA comes with embedded analytics? Do we required additional application like SAC for same function with S4?

it's not the same functionality, embedded analytics offers predefined applications, whereas SAC is a self service analytics tool.
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