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Technology has become an important aspect of our life - improving the way we live, work and experience the world. The world we live in has been continuously transforming – moving from one technological era to another. Advent of internet ushered digital era & organizations embarked upon ‘digital first’ as a strategy. It only seems yesterday when ‘mobile first’ was introduced after ‘digital first’ and today world is already talking about new era as ‘Intelligent Enterprise First’. Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for some time however recent breakthroughs has helped to realize concrete business value which has prompted experts to believe that AI age is here. The frantic pace with which innovation is being introduced is showing no signs of slowing down and it is imperative for organizations to adapt these new transformations as quickly as possible to stay relevant and ahead to be Market Maker. And it is equally applicable to all customers using SAP as Enterprise Solution.

In SAP Sapphire 2018, SAP unraveled a concept of “Intelligent Enterprise” as the next frontier. Intelligent Enterprise effectively use their data assets to achieve their desired business outcomes faster – and with less risk. As per SAP, to become an Intelligent Enterprise - businesses need to invest in three key areas: an intelligent suite, intelligent technologies, and a digital platform. TCS also has a framework called “TCS Business 4.0” which complements SAP' “Intelligent Enterprise” concept. “TCS Business 4.0” has four key components – Intelligent, Automated, Agile and On-Cloud. Extrapolating TCS and SAP framework & applying enterprise transformation experience, TCS has come out with “Intelligent Enterprise powered by Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM™)” which is an integrated framework on SAP' Intelligence Enterprise.

TCS’ framework of “Intelligent Enterprise powered by MFDM™” transforms an Enterprise into Intelligent Enterprise through Intelligent Automation, Process Transformation, and Predictive Analytics. It aims for full stakeholder coverage to provide an experience of Next Gen Operations with a systematic adoption of the maturity model on “Intelligent Enterprise”. This framework has Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the heart for the enterprise and uses emerging technologies such as Conversational AI, Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, IoT & Blockchain, and Process Mining as part of integrated architecture to provide Next Gen Business & IT Experience. TCS’ framework of Intelligent Enterprise powered by MFDM™ is orchestrated by leveraging emerging technologies on SAP Digital Core and Cloud Products through SAP Leonardo. This framework will ensure business to grow and IT to be touch-less for day-to-day operations.

Key Components:


Framework Sneak Peek:


Thus, TCS framework “Intelligence Enterprise powered by MFDMTM” building “X Data” layer over “O Data” layer and empowers your Business, IT and Workforce.



Intelligent Enterprise is going to be journey which will be required to be taken up by all enterprise sooner or later. Let’s keep momentum high, start your journey and experience the value of Intelligent Enterprise for an Enterprise.
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