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#SAPInnovation Awards

As we all are aware, SAP comes up with Innovation Awards every year and all the partners, customers, etc. give their best of innovations to showcase on this prestigious platform.

We here at TCS work on developing Intelligent solutions to cater to IT as well as Business needs using various SAP services. Every year, we strive hard to come out with the best solution for applying the latest technologies available in the market. Even during the global pandemic era, we thrived hard to develop a new solution which can be helpful to render such a critical period. And this year as well, we were successful in coming up with a solution that has been submitted under the name “TCS Intelligent Enterprise Automation” with Idea ID 2151 in #SAPInnovation Awards 2021.

This solution is Intelligent RPA based solution at its core, encapsulated with various SAP Intelligent technologies like SAP Conversational AI, SAP Predictive services, Optical character recognition, Machine learning to create a solution that can be applied across industries and provides enhanced business values.

TIEA involves following SAP Intelligent Technologies:

  1. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

  2. SAP Conversational AI

  3. SAP Predictive Analytics

  4. SAP Web IDE

  5. SAP Cloud Platform

  6. Customized ML model/algorithm

It has a structure that is built in a way that it supports progressive adoption philosophy. The implementation starts with Mini bots progressing towards pro and then after AI bots. As we move from one category to another, the ML factor increases in the cases developed as shown in the image.


There are multiple use cases developed on TIEA which are both SAP and non-SAP systems which can be hosted on-prem as well as on cloud. Some of the cases from the TIEA bot store are as follows:

  1. Intelligent Expense Reimbursement (Finance and TTH Industries)

  2. SAP Cognitive System Monitoring (Based on SAP Solution Manager and Outlook Integration)

  3. On-time customer payment service

  4. Enhanced Customer Support Service(Telecom Industry)

  5. Intelligent Customer On-Boarding (Utilities Industry)

  6. Supplier Advance Shipment Notice

These are just a few of the many cases that we have built on the TIEA targeting maximum automation in that particular business process.

In order to know more about our solution and get more details on the cases mentioned above, check out this link:



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Thanks for reading!

Dhairya 🙂



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