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This blog describes how to resolve (TCP/IP) with Unicode error on opening AO workbooks.


I was facing 'LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) with Unicode' error while opening CPM AO Planning workbooks. On analyzing the log files generated, this was due to SNC authentication.

ERROR GSS-API (maj): Miscellaneous failure

GSS-API (min): A2200210: Peer certificate verification failed

Since SNC has not been configured in this system, there are two options to resolve this.

  1. If the secure connection to the server is not required, the AO parameter ForceRefreshConnectionInfo is set to True under Technical Configuration.
    In this case, AO will not use the SNC parameters provided by the application server rather the configurations maintained in the local SAPUILandscape.xml file. However, this solution is not recommended by SAP.

  2. To be able to connect securely, make sure that Secure Network Communications (SNC) is installed on each client PC and the environment variables are pointing to a valid library.
    The following note explains, that SAPGUI loads the corresponding library for Secure Client Encryption or Single Sign-On according to environment variables SNC_LIB or SNC_LIB_64 on frontend PC. If these parameters are not specified, SAPGUI would try to load sncgss32.dll no matter it exists at OS level or not.

    2551720 - Error SncPDInit()==SNCERR_INIT Unable to load GSS-API DLL named "sncgss32.dll" appears


Since SNC is not configured in the system that I was using, the issue was resolved by enabling ForceRefreshConnectionInfo in AO Technical Configuration.

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