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Once Change request will be created for Customer/Supplier domain, if requester will put the Tax number, system will check the duplicate tax number. System will generate the warning message, and user will be able to understand that the tax number already exists with other Business Partner. You can get the duplicate Business partner number from DFKKBPTAXNUM table with putting your tax number which is going to be used in your change request number.


This functionality we have achieved as per SAP configuration task. SAP has already provided the configurations to check the duplicate tax number for different tax-types categories.

We need to follow the SPRO path “Maintain Tax Number Categories”.  SPRO Path is SAP Banking -->  SAP Business Partner for Financial Services -->  General Settings --> Business Partner --> Basic Settings --> Tax Numbers --> Maintain Tax Number Categories.

  1. Inside this SPRO settings select the tax category (i.e. for an example VN1) Tax category, we need to change the option of “Duplicate Check” into “ON”

2. After performing this SPRO activity system will automatically generate message as “ERROR”, that tax number already exist for another BP. Now we need to change this message into “Warning” message. The standard message class is BUPA_TAX.

3. Now we need to access the T-Code OBA5 to change the message into “Warning”.

Note: Here we need to remind that we need to change value of BatchI option into "W" for mass change request as well.

4. After completion of these configuration activities, warning message is showing if requestor is putting any duplicate tax number for VN1 Tax category.

N.B.: We need to keep in mind one thing after this configuration task. Once the change request would be final check approved, then Customer/supplier would not be created, if we are not doing the following step actions. Until and unless if we are not doing the following task system will throw the following post-processing error which can be identified through T-Code MDS_PPO2.

a) CMD_API 006 (for Customer)  &  b) VMD_API 041 (For Supplier).

Required Task:

We need to access T-Code OBMSG, and put the respective application like CMD_API. Click on messages, then change the Standard option into "W" for messages. Then the Post processing error will be bypassed and Customer/Supplier will be created.


Kumar Sen.
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