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After any DB activity or DB correction note implementation you might face issue like
DB02 empty, DCF collection interval is “NOT SCHEDULED”

Check to Path to Collector Configuration

  1. DB12-->Configuration-->DCF-->Collector Configuration

Check to your task scheduler , if its local <SID> then just click on Repair All Collector

Else if Solution Manager system, then perform Repair All Collector for <SID> system, it will synchronize to managed system

Later perform Repair all collector in <SID> system also

Now check to your “data collectors” , it should now show value in collection
interval column.

Now Trick Lies Here :

To make it work properly we have to perform


  1. Data Collection Full
  2. Data Collection Incremental

Check to your system suppose Full is schedule on Sunday while incremental daily at 00:00.

So we have to change the settings firstly to data collection to full and then
incremental from task scheduler ( eg.. Either from solman or satellite systems)

Eg: As I Schedule full at 14:00 CET and then incremental at regular timing 00:00CET


Note: Any settings has to be change from solman because of external scheduler. It will synchronize with regular job run.

Br Vaibhav

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