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Hi, I am Tarun Bahal, Team Head SAP Development Cloud & Integration at Sika Informationssysteme AG in Zurich, Switzerland. In this blog, I would like to introduce the applications that will be presented during the upcoming SAP Fiori Makers call on April 19, 2018. The Applications are part of the project we are currently working on. We have already successfully completed the PoC for the project last year and are currently in the Pilot Phase.


Business Case

Sika supplies admixtures to ready mix concrete plants. These chemicals are stored in Sika owned tanks at customer locations. These locations can be either fixed or mobile. Following 3 situations need to be addressed by the ongoing project:

  1. Currently, one way to check the level of existing stock in these tanks is for a sales person to visit the customer site and manually check the situation or wait for customer to call when they have run out of stock. This leads to missed sales opportunities and consumes hundreds of man-hours for sales person to visit customer locations and ask for replenishments.

  2. In case of mobile sites, we often do not have real time information of our assets.

  3. As these chemicals are frost sensitive, it is important to keep track of the ambient temperatures on site.

The whole business process can be automated by equipping the tanks with sensors that measure content level, ambient temperature and also collect geolocation coordinates.



We are targeting 3 personas here:

  1. Technicians – to install sensors on tanks

  2. Sales personnel – to keep track of current inventors at any customer location

  3. Customer Service – responsible for stock replenishment and logistics.



We successfully executed a proof of concept last year with following landscape:

  1. Test instance of SAP IoT Services / IoT AE

  2. Fiori application Deployed on SAP Cloud Platform

  3. Master data/ replenishment process on on-premise SAP ECC system.

A prototype was created on SAP BUILD before the actual app was developed:





Some prototype views:




We are now expanding upon the same proof of concept into a pilot phase and working on a new version of the application utilizing many of the IoT specific controls.


SAP Fiori Makers Call

Join us on April 19, 2018 and check out our version of the applications and inputs from Kai Richter, Chief Designer for SAP Fiori. In addition, you can get all your questions related to this project answered during these calls. Check out the Fiori Makers website for registration and more information.

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