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Our fast-paced work environments require us to be on the move and learning at a rapid pace, which can make it challenging to find the time for education. The catch 22 is that education can help us become more successful and help advance our careers. Fortunately, if you’re a professional looking to learn more about using and configuring SAP solutions, there is a flexible, affordable online training opportunity that can help you take your career to the next level.

The SAP Education organization offers e-academy programs, which are remotely delivered, robust training packages that provide flexible access to:

  • Online learning content – courses are delivered in an e-learning format consisting of presentation slides with audio commentary, system demonstrations, practice simulations, slide notes, and mentor tips. Content can be repeated as desired during the access period.
  • Training systems – hands-on experience with SAP software is a key component of the e-academy training. There are demonstrations and exercises in the student manuals and live training systems – a unique feature of the e-academy curriculum – which helps reinforce the online lessons.
  • Manuals – during registration there is a unlimited access to the electronic academy course manual.
  • Help-desk support – e-academies feature complete help-desk and mentoring support throughout the learning period. Technical support, frequently asked questions, and “Ask the Expert” features are provided. Online support is available via Web-based chat, virtual meetings, and scheduled expert instructor sessions.

These self-paced E-Academy trainings allow you to learn at a comfortable speed, on your own schedule, and from wherever is convenient. This model makes it easy to review content, spend more time on concepts of interest, and help you confidently develop the skills you need to implement or optimize SAP solutions.

The carefully designed modular courses and materials were created by consultants and cover key solution areas such as financials, procurement, human capital management, mobile and more. These courses can serve as steppingstones and preparation for taking the SAP certification exams that can further increase your professional value.

For more information on how to advance your career through education and training, check out the SAP Education organization and the available programs.

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