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The SAP Data Intelligence user interface has come a long way since I installed SAP Data Hub 1.1.2 in early 2018:

However, if you were old school like me, you might still want to get to the command line. Luckily, the SAP Data Intelligence System Management Command-Line Client Tool is easy enough to download from the SAP Data Intelligence System Management:

There are versions for Windows, Linux and Darwin (macOS):

Being a Unix veteran, I chose the Linux version. However, in my case, calling it out of the box results in this
Error: post https://<SAP Data Intelligence domain>: <ingress-TLS-port>/api/login/v2/finalize: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority.

To overcome this, I import the CA certificate from Expose SAP Data Intelligence System Management Externally On-Premise:
cp <SAP Data Intelligence CA>.pem /etc/pki/trust/anchors/

As a result, here I go:

This is the link to the System Management Command-Line Client Reference.

Happy command lining!
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