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The EPM sample data included with the SHINE demo application is a helpful resource for working on development and modeling scenarios.

Included in the sample data are supporting tables that are required to perform Unit of Measure and Currency conversions in analytic and calculation views, as stated in the SAP HANA Modeling Guide.

However, the sample data is missing table T006D.  Without this table, an error is generated when attempting a Unit of Measure conversion.

The attached file has the necessary SQL DDL and DML scripts to create and load a column table (and create a related synonym) for T006D.  The scripts can be executed from a SQL Console view in the SAP HANA Modeler perspective.

After refreshing the schema, T006D is displayed and can be referenced for Unit of Measure conversions.

(Note: T006D table structure and default data obtained from SAP BW 7.4 SP8.)

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