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Dear All,

This Document explain the solution for the Data load failure while loading the data to cube post upgrade of the DB to HANA DB.

SAP BW Version : 7.5 SP 0020.

Error message : Table /BIC/Exxx is not partitioned. Cannot load Table /BIC/Exxxx is not partitioned. Cannot load.

Issue - Data load to infoprovider (Cube) failed with the below error message while loading the data using the DTP Post upgrade to HANA DB

“Table /BIC/Exxxxxx is not partitioned. Cannot load Table /BIC/xxxx is not partitioned “

Screen shot: Error Message.

Root Cause

Info Provider’s E table and/or partitions are either:

  • Partitioned by inappropriate criteria

  • And/or classified incorrectly.


  1. Run the program RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY, and provide the E fact table name (Table name
    which was shown in error message of DTP) and select Store Issue. Refer screenshot below.


  1. Please observe 2 operation modes once, as of now we have only 2.

a. Show Issue in GUI.
b. Store Issues.

3. Once we execute the program, the list of exceptions along with others will be displayed as per
screenshot below

      4. Now click on back button and come back to the initial screen of the program.

5. Now in the operation modes, there will be one more radio button Repair also one more section
Issues from Previous Checks will be available .

6. Now click on show button as per the screenshot. As of now if we see there are 4 in the issues            and 0 in the selected.

          7. Here the list of inconsistencies will be displayed. Double click on a Row and we will get the
below screen.

8. Here in the status column, it will display whether it is repairable.
The Objects with status repairable can be fixed. Whereas there are few more status which                  are not repairable.

          9. Select a record with status Repairable and Click on the Save button


          10. Click on back & come to the initial screen of the program. Here we have selected only 1                      record.

11. Now under Selected (Issue from previous checks),it will display as 1 (this was 0 in Step 6).


            12. Now select the repair and execute the program. The system will fix the issue and it will                        pop up the message.

           13. Now load the data to the Target, where data will be loaded with any errors.

SAP Notes for Reference


  •             We had an issue the same Partition issue, RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY may not show the exceptions/Errors.

  •             In our case the infocubes are not migrated as HANA Optimized cubes.

  •             In the above case first we tried to migrate the infocube to HANA Optimized cubes which led to Partition error.

  •             After the above migration step, we had run the program RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY  again, where the entry was shown up.


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