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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear SAP Community,

I'm extremely proud of the team behind the SAP Online Track. We have managed to put together an absolutely amazing event with:

  • 50+ sessions

  • 17+hours of content

  • Speakers from all continents except Africa

  • 430+ subscribers to our YouTube channel

  • 130+ members on our Discord server

  • 700+ USD raised through our

  • 70+ prize to give away at our 24 hour event

We have worked hard to simplify our setup and discussed solutions spanning from serverless functions to RPA to solve our issues with stream producing. We ended up with hosting Virtual Machines in the Azure cloud that we can remote control to do the streaming, this way we aren't depending on volunteers to install a lot of software on their computers. Special thanks to rsletta for figuring all of this out!

We have done some amazing session artwork for each session using reveal.js and the template that driesvv have created. speri modified this to create the session art. Also a special thanks to Srikanth for handling our agenda and managing all of our speakers

All sponsorships have been handled by nabheetscn and we have a lot of prizes to give away!

Our website has all the content you could ask for, this has been in the capable hands of katan.patel3 who have managed to use Gatsby with integration to Google Sheets and a world map to create a really good looking website for our event

For each presentation, all participants will have the possibility to win an Open SAP reactivation code. We will draw a winner from people participating in the chat on Youtube. All you have to do is say hello with your name in each session and we will draw a winner that will be announced either at the end of a session or through our Twitter account so make sure to follow us.

On our Discord server we will draw a raffle from all members every two hours. The winner will get a free ebook either from SAP Press or Espresso Tutorials. Also all members on our discord server will get a month free access to Espresso Tutorials.

For our grand prize we are offering a years subscription to the SAP Press Online topic library. This is worth $364. All you have to do is head to our fundraiser and raise more than $10. We will then draw a winner in the end of the event.

To take part in the last two prizes, please join our Discord server before Friday, which will give us some time to prepare.

On our Youtube channel most if not all of the sessions are already scheduled, so you can head over there and start adding reminders for the sessions you don't want to miss. You can also do this in our schedule to add them to your calendar.

All there is to say now is: "We are really looking forward to the culmination of nearly 5 months work, and we can't wait to see you all Online!"
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