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There have been continuous request for the new license for the tools I have posted on my blog in the past.   I am sorry for not being able to repack all the collections available here with the new license at this time as well as roll up the version updates for the tools.  I will do all this when I have more time (when and if, I'd say).

Meanwhile, in order to make your life easier, I have uploaded the new license applicable for all of the tools posted on my blog.  You may download the new license from here (if your browser allows downloading *.dll files) or from here (if it does not).

I hope you enjoy using these tools - there is another one I am designing (no due date yet unfortunately).  I have been facing numerous requests for some simple tool that will be able trace DB code performance changes.  I have not make any research on the tools available out there for Sybase DBAs (or SAP Sybase DBAs?).  I started to think of something simple which will be easy to operate and which I will be able to release to DEV/DBA/QA teams I work with.  Still to come.

Stay tuned.


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