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Sometimes it could be useful switching on-the-fly the #sapui5 or #openui5 release of an existent deployed App.

This could be useful for testing purposes, console debugging or checking some issues related to a specific release for a specific UI5 object.

Multi version availability

We know that we have a multi version availability of sapui5 / openui5 and we can use a specific version thanks to the SAP CDN.

SCN Blog by peter.muessig : Multi-Version availability of SAPUI5

OpenUI5 Tumblr:

Moreover we can find all the available openui5 releases (both Stable and Preview) here:

Using Telerik Fiddler in combination with the available SAP CDN multi version we can switch the release on-the-fly without deploying a new version just to change the <head>

What is Fiddler

Fiddler ( ) is a free web debugging proxy which logs all HTTP(s) traffic between your computer and the Internet.

We can use it to debug traffic from virtually any application that supports a proxy like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE or Mobile Devices

There are great resources on SCN about Fiddler (How to install it,how to configure it and so on..), follow the links: by maarten.follon by kevin.bates2 responds with the 1.32.0 sap-ui-core.js version.

The openui5 version from the console is now 1.32.0

We can use the same mechanism for other purposes, for example:

  • switching to another ODATA url
  • switching to a local json url endpoint

and so on...

Happy Web-Proxy debugging!

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