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In this blog I will discuss one issue which I face after S/4 HANA conversion in SWIA (WI Administration Report). In SWIA when assigning workitem to another user agent. System was giving following error.

“Exception condition "PACKAGE_DOES_NOT_EXIST" triggered”.

Although the error was clear as it shows that package does not exist. But the error was coming in standard tcode SWIA that’s why I was worried may be there is some thing is missing during conversion or standard package is missing. That’s why I spent a lot time in searching sap notes or any solution available on SCN.  Finally when I debug it I found the solution how to resolve it. I am sharing the solution so that in future if any one face the same error he can fix it easily.

How to reproduce the issue.

  1. Run SWIA.

  2. Select any Workitem having status READY.

  3. Click on Assign Agents.


Assign Agent

Following Dump comes.

Assign Agent Dump



Reason for this error is that some customize Z Package is missing.

  1. On the dump screen click on “Debugger button”.

  2. Click on Standard function module lcl_get_package_attributes parameter lv_package as shown below. This will show the Z package name which is missing.





3. Go to SE80. Create that missing Z package.


This will resolve the issue.


For more info please follow:

S/4 HANA Topic.

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