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Support pack Modification Adjust Transport  warning "Transport does not fit or Internal Error : This request not marked as modification request"

I would like to share my recent experience with SPAM Modification Transport on the DEV system.  When we were going thru SPAM steps (display define queue, Target Package Selection), in the target package selection, some of the component did not appear.  This is obvious because we need to use SAINT in order to perform the delta upgrade and the new release level support packages. 

So after completing the SPAM including SPAU/SPDD transport, we performed the SAINT steps,  in the Support Package Selection screen, one of my colleagues forgot to select the latest Support Package Selection from the drop down and continue. So, when SAINT finished, it did not upgrade that particular component to the latest release level because of wrong selection in the Support Package Selection screen.

Since SAINT can only be used for Add-on, delta upgrade, and the new release level.  We had to perform SPAM steps again to upgrade that particular component to the latest release level that was missed in SAINT.  Finally we finished the SPAM and that component updated to the new release level.  Also, in this second step of SPAM, it did not prompt to create Modification adjust transport, because SPAU/SPDD was cleaned up in the first SAPM steps.

Mistake made:

So after performing the SPAM, SAINT and SPAM, we released the Modification Adjustment Transport and here we made mistake.  The released transport took the snapshot of the source release level, so in the subsequent system, you get warning Transport does not fit or  Internal Error : This request not marked as modification request  when you try add Modification Adjustment Transport in QAS, PRD.  We continued SPAM with that warning and when it prompts to Call SPAU/SPDD,  click on call SPAU/SPDD and confirm SPAU/SPDD without making any changes and finally when SPAM finished, confirmed the SPAM Queue.  After confirming the SPAM queue, we manually imported the Modification Adjust transport, when you import click on options tab and tick all check boxes for  Ignore then proceed with the import process.  Go back to SPAU/SPDD and you should see everything clean and looks similar to DEV system.

So what we learned with the above experience is to immediately release the SPAM Modification Adjustment transport after confirming the SPAM queue and before starting SAINT.

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