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About this Tool:

The Support Log Assistant is a new service/tool that allows users to automatically analyze their support-related files directly from within their browser. This leverages the knowledge of SAP Product Support experts and connects known issues that are found within log, trace and other text-based files with solutions and troubleshooting steps.

This tool analyzes text files such as logs, configuration files or traces automatically. It then suggests solutions to known issues found in the files and highlights the important details.

It is an online text analyzer that utilizes client-side JavaScript and server-side data to create a powerful, in-browser analyzer that can dynamically validate, scan, alert, summarize and archive(zip) files.

The files are analyzed against a HANA database of known errors and issues found in the log files that can then be displayed in the tool to help solve issues.


If there is no solution found, please choose one of the other self-service options available or one of the options to contact SAP Support.

The links to these options are displayed on the Summary page after the scan is completed.


For best user experience, please use Chrome Browser.


Any text-based files can be analyzed by the Support Log Assistant

The following product areas currently have analysis available:

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

HANA Platform

Business Intelligence (BI)

Big Data Enterprise Information Management (EIM)



NW Core

NW Platform and Technology


Which files are Eligible for Scan:

Tool identifies the files which have automatic scans available and are eligible for scan

Click below link for a list of filetypes that the tool can analyze currently


Files are analyzed based on certain rules or Conditions

When a line meets that condition, it is flagged as matching either an error or information

One or more Flags combine to form an Alert

Alerts always have one or more proposed solutions

A flag does not provide a specific solution but can be helpful in troubleshooting an issue.


SLA Tool interface:



Click Add files and choose generated log file(s) from your SAP system


After verifying the log file (s) information, the output will be shown below. The tool scans your log files and provides solutions to troubleshoot. Next, click the Scan Files button.


Log Files upload status displays:


A detailed report is generated after the log file (s) are scanned. Based on the log, the Alert indicates Problem information and Additional details for resolution

Alert:     The Alert tab shows the Priority, Overview, and Solution for each issue.


Files:     The Files tab shows the uploaded log file types and status

Additional Details: This refers to different types of flags based on Alert priority

What are the different types of Flag?

Information - some important information in the file, such as the version or user

Warnings - point to a warning found in the file that should be looked at

Errors - point to errors found that need to be resolved

Flags are 'lines' in the log file that were 'flagged' as matching either an error or information

It can be helpful in troubleshooting an issue

Next, click the View Summary button.


In summary: It shows the output of the duration, the scanned lines in the log files, how many alerts are raised, and the priority of the alert. Offers a solution for each threat.

Moreover, it allows you to download the analysis report and log files for further investigation and suggests SAP support for additional support.


Best Regards,

Srinu Thutta
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